December 5, 2013

2NE1 Missing You - Minzy Inspired Look

Hello Love Bugs!

Today I have a 2NE1 look for you, inspired by Minzy from the Missing You MV!

Before I get into the look, I gotta say this about 2NE1.

"About time eh?"

With that said, here's more about the look!

Minzy's makeup was pretty straight forward and very wearable for a night out.

You probably would have all the makeup items required for this look, except maybe for the tear-drop bling.

As you can see, I improvised and created my own tear-drop. It was either this black one or a Hello Kitty bow bling in white. I didn't think a Hello Kitty bow was too appropriate for this look.

Lips wise, I wasn't surprised Minzy had on pink ombre lips. It seems like it's her go to MV lip look, as seen from recent MVs. I do wish they would put her in a nice bold solid lip colour, or maybe a red or neon orange ombre. Just something less predictable on her.

On my eyes, I have on a silver cream eyeshadow on the base, followed by a grey eyeshadow blended outwards. I also added a a hint of brown eyeshadow to help blend out the grey.

As you can see, my eyeshadow has creased in a pretty obvious manner. It was my first time applying eyeshadow with a cream base and I think I'll need more practice to get rid of the creasing. They no pretty to look at.

On my lips, I used a simple old method I blogged about here a year ago!

For my tear-drop, I applied the bling using good 'ol lash glue.

I would totally recommend this look for a night out! Well, without the bling of course, unless you're the type to like to distract your dinner date with bling on your face.

Eyeliner, grey eyeshadow, falsies - ✓ check.
Nude lipstick/concealer, pink lipstick - ✓ check.

So tell me, ombre lips or bold solid lips?


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  1. love this look!

    actually like both ombre and solid coloured lips :))

  2. So pretty! Loving the lips <3

    Bella /

  3. This makeup looks incredible on you!! I really like the way you made a tear drop shape using black rhinestones. I love the looks of bold lips and ombre lips but I tend to wear ombre lips more often on a day to day basis.


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