April 9, 2013

Sexy Swatch: MAC Dazzleglass Creme in Amorous

MAC Dazzleglass in Amorous.

I love the luxurious packaging, brush applicator and of course, the beautiful glittery red formula that really does the name Amorous justice.

Unfortunately, it's been discontinued. XD

If this post sent you into an adrenalin high and you're already planning your next visit at MAC, I apologize. I couldn't resist sharing life's little luxuries with you guys.

Anyhoooo... I hope you enjoyed the eye candy!

Do you have a favourite red gloss?


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  1. What a gorgeous color! I have a lipstick that's a similar shade, but of course not so glossy~

  2. Wahh~ Such a beautiful shade - and so sparkly! *A* Thanks for sharing~

  3. its gorgeous! thankfully im not a lip gloss fan so it's discontinuation doesnt make any difference to me XD

  4. Lol good for you! I'm not a lip gloss fan too cause my hair constantly gets stuck to my lips. Once, I was on stage performing and my hair was stuck to my lipgloss for a super long time. Sooo embarrassing!

  5. Aww you're welcomed! Yeah I love the glitter!

  6. Yeah it is!! I absolutely adore the glitter overload! =D

  7. Wow! What lipstick is it? I love the lip gloss shade but don't wear them out cause they're kinda too glossy for me. XD

  8. Yes it is! Oddly, I feel happy whenever I see the lipgloss. XD

  9. Yeappp!! Unfortunately I don't wear this lip gloss out often cause it's overly glossy for me. Heh.

  10. This red shade is beautiful! Although the glitters intimidate me a little, I don't think I'll be able to pull the glitter look off! It looks gorgeous for a night out though :) Your description of your experience with the Almay primer cracked me up LOL. I can't believe it stinks! I've never taken any interest in Almay products as it never really appealed to me or looked that great!


  11. Yeah the glitters are crazy intimidating but imagine them on a night out at a bar. Sooooo sexy!

    Yeah Almay stuff look really dull. Nothing ever stands out to me except the primer. If you ever swatch it at Priceline, give it a glare for me please. Lol. I read a review where she was so overwhelmed by the primer smell that she couldn't breathe and had to was it off immediately. I guess she really hated the smell. XD

  12. whoa, the glitters are looking beautiful o.o definitely will check this out!! followed your blog and your twitter btw <3 x.


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