March 30, 2013

Cat Eyes Lashes DIY

Hello KittyKats!

So I bought one of those 10 pairs boxed eyelashes and after using 3 pairs, I got sick of them.

I'm really gentle with my lashes so one pair, no matter how thin the bands are, can last me ages and ages.

With more than half a box left, I decided to cut my lashes up and make different types of lashes out of them.

Today I decided to combine the lashes above with my favourite demi-lashes.

I chose a particularly wonky one, as you can see below because the demi lashes layered over it will over the wonky parts up.

The steps are pretty self explanatory, but I somehow feel the need to type out an explanation which many of you would probably skip or skim over. I know I would. XD

Step 1:
Trace out demi lashes shape.

Step 2:
Trace out wonky lashes length and 'connect-the-dots' to the demi-lash.

Step 3:
Snip snip snip.

Step 4:
Glue glue glue.

Step 5:
Done done done.

Lol I'm EXCELLENT at describing stuff.

My services are available for for hire if you need a 'professional product describer'.

Woof woof!

The lashes look pretty natural in length and the flick achieved with the demi-lashes gives my dull dull boxed lashes a new fun look!

Do you layer your lashes?

FYI, I have a friend who layers three pairs of lashes for daily wear.

Too much? What do you think?


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  1. I see why it's fun to layer eyelashes, but I've never done it before :)

  2. i cannot for the life of me layer two pairs of lashes coz it makes my eyes go wonky! so i am super jelly they look awesome on u :P

  3. Gorgeousss. I love cat eyeeee lashes *__* They're actually my favourite so this is a good idea hehe <3

  4. I don't have the patience to do this but you can really get awesome looks. I like the combination you made! I REALLY like the demi ones. Are they Model 21??

  5. Give it a try! I find that cheap eBay lashes are fun to layer cause they're usually really thin and sparse!

  6. Awwwww! You could try sticking the lashes together before applying them. I find that easier. I'm usually too lazy to 'prepare' my lashes beforehand so I try to 'freestyle'. XD

  7. Yesss cat eye lashes are the bomb! However, I find 'uniformed' lashes look better on me, but I think cat eye lashes are the sexiest! XD

  8. They're cheap eBay lashes! I've never forked out for any branded lashes cause I like to snip and mess with them.

    I couldn't find the same one for you on ebay, but I did find these.

    My previous demi lashes were from this brand and they lashes me a good 20-30 uses!

  9. omg these look gorgeous!! I've tried layering lashes but they never turn out as good as this haha will have to give it another go sometime. thanks!! ^^

  10. Omg this is an amazing idea! I bought a set of 10 pairs of fake eyelashes from ebay for a bargain $1.50 and they look exactly like the ones you have! They don't fit properly and I like to make them demi sized, but I'd never thought of layering them. Such a genius idea and ahaha I'll hire your explanation skills ;)

  11. Lol my explanation skills come cheap for the time being. One cupcake per word typed. Lol!!

    The lashes were fun at first, but they got rather boring after a while. I was thinking of creating more alternative uses with the lashes. I hope you'll find them useful when I post them!


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