October 12, 2012

Liese Bubble Hair Color - Chiffon Beige

Hello dolls!!

A quick review on the Liese/Prettia bubble dye in Chiffon Beige!

For the past 3 years, I've been using the Liese bubble dye, rotating between Chiffon Beige and Milk Tea Brown cause they were the lightest shade available.

Every year when I go home to Malaysia for the summer, my suitcase is bound to carry 2-3 of these dyes back to Melbourne cause I'm too cheap to get my hair professionally coloured at the salons. =P

These dyes are super convenient and basically I'm not worried about creating a mess with spilling dye etc.

Here's my hair after dying them. DidIjusthearyougohuhwhat?

No I did not go ombré on purpose!

The dye did not cover my regrowth on properly (I'll tell you why later) where the top dark brown part was 'virgin' black hair and the lighter part was dyed using Chiffon Beige previously.

Yes I let my regrowths go crazy, but hey I had a rather good ombré look going on so it was all good.

Check it out for yourself here! =D

Back to my 'two-toned' hair, I'm guessing the amount of dye wasn't enough to fully cover my hair. My hair's about 60cm long (yes, I measured) and from my experience, the dye works perfectly to cover regrowths for hair roughly between the shoulders and bra line. Longer than that and the dye won't be at it's full capability. However, you gotta take into account the thickness and texture of your hair as well!

When I dyed my rather long hair, the bubble did not foam up like the recommended picture above. Instead, it looked more like damp hair. Previously when my hair was way shorter, the foam really built up and I was able to make a mohawk with the bubble party in my hair. I'm serious. I have pictures as proof. ^.~

I guess my 'theory' was backed up when I tweeted Jennifer with a picture of my hair and I was like 'Boo my hair colour's gone crazy.' and she replied that her's turned out the same as well! Lol twitter twins~!! Her hair was super long as well and I figured out we'd probably need 2 bottles of dye to get all regrowths covered. Here's her post on using the bubble dye!

So without further ado, here's some pictures!

 Over natural black hair:

 Over previously dyed hair in Chiffon Beige:

✽ Overall ✽

Overview: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

❝ Pros 
 Great shade with very little red undertones. However, mine does fade to a reddish undertone after a month or so.
♥ Convenient and fuss free compared to other types of DIY home dye.
Great for people dying their hair themselves for the first time. You can easily do it without aid and it isn't hard!

❝ Con
 It stinks like *#$%@ lol seriously! Make sure your 'salon' has good ventilation or I promise you, you'd be running in circles screaming for fresh air.
 Needs 2 bottles for hair longer than 40cm (I'm making a rough guess. Please factor in hair texture, method etc).

Have you tried Liese / Prettia? What's your fave colour??


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  1. I've used this colour and brand several times (actually I always use Liese haha). I use 1 bottle just for regrowth alone - and you definitely need to really pack it on so it totally foams up and not just looks damp. 2 bottles is a must for longer hair! I'm using Milk Tea Brown atm but going to get my hair balayaged tmrw OMGGGG :D

  2. So exciting, and love the ombre look! So tempted to dye my hair but unsure if I'll suit it, and my mum has always been narky about me dying my hair... Maybe one day! Hahahaha.

  3. Hello!

    I found you through the Beauty Bloggers Club Blog hop~! :) I'm now following! :)

    Ashlee @ The Makeup Wonderland

  4. great review..
    im planning to dye my hair as well
    im dealing between light ash brown or maybe golden brown..
    cant decided -.-

  5. LOL, definitely twins aye XD Both fail at using the same hair dye.

    Will go try Palty again (if it's on sale) - otherwise, European bleach + budget Revlon hair dye for the mean time ~ At least it lightened your hair more than mine.... i think mine lightened coz i kept washing it and I'm always out in the sun now when it does make an appearance (apparently being in the sun can fade the hair dye colour?)

  6. At least it turned out to be a nice colour, haha! I will make sure to keep the room very ventilated if I ever check this one out :)

  7. The end result looks quite nice. I would have thought that you did it on purpose. I have never tried hair dyes like this before. I am really curious though.


  8. Lol I should have asked you before I dyed my hair! Lol cause now my regrowths are still pretty obvious. How did you hair turn out??? I can't wait to see your hair! I'm probably gonna go for Milk Tea Brown (2 bottles this time) just before New Years! =D

  9. My mom was pretty against it but she finally allowed me to do it after bugging her. Lol. I'd really recommend Liese/Prettia or a foam based dye for beginners! Also, Liese has a pretty good darker range, it lightens the hair a bit and gives a beautiful shine! I call those colours parents approved colours. Lol.

  10. Thank you so much for following me! ♡

  11. Thank you so much! =D I vote for ash brown!! I love ash brown and the ashy colour usually fades to a pretty golden brown so you get 2 in 1! Lol!!

  12. Lol twins! I have no idea sun could mess with our dyed colour! But I guess that could be true considering the harmful rays etc etc. I'm totally gonna google up on that! I'm gonna try 2 bottles of dye this time with either Liese or Palty or some asian brand. XD

  13. Lol yup you should! The first time I dyed my hair in a confined room, the fumes were killing me! Haha!!

  14. I'd really recommend bubble dye cause of how easy they are! It's not so bad indoors that I can't even see the 'line. It's more obvious under bright sunlight tho!

  15. The balayage faileddd it turned out more like dip dye..... and I didn't want that :( so I'm gonna get my hair just all one shade after exams. Like really light brown probably!

  16. Beautiful hair, looks awesome!! And I like that it's so straight too *_*

  17. Lol thank you! I'm thinking of curling my hair cause it looks so elegant!! =D


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