Hi there, welcome to my blog, Mayhem.

Mayhem's a word play of my given name, and I'm very grateful for such a unique name.

Mayhem is a beauty blog filled with experimental looks and K-pop inspired beauty style, sprinkled with nail art for the lazy girl and beauty reviews.

I'm ever evolving and there isn't a specific word to describe me. I'm always changing myself to find the 'best' me, but I'm enjoying the changes.

A cheesy way of describing myself would be:

"I'm a blend of raven black and hot pink"

Get to know me a bit better and you'll know why!

I can be reached using these methods, so please say hi to me anytime!

Oh, a small fact, I hail from the busy city of KL, Malaysia and I'm currently enjoying life in Melbourne, Australia!

♡ ♡ 


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