June 8, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait

Hello girlies!

It's been a while since I've blogged! It's currently D-week and I have 3 papers back to back! Eep!!

To relax myself today, I shall blog! =D

As you can see from the title, I'm reviewing a Lip Butter!

I know I know, this topic has probably been overblogged way to many times but I love me some eye candy! Reading reviews makes me happy and excited, I seriously don't know why. =P

I simply had to get Peach Parfait cause it's like the face of Revlon Lip Butters! Emma Stone rocked it and frankly, after swatching it on my hands, I thought it was a safe colour to buy.

Safe as in, I could apply the lip butter confidently without using a mirror. I'm a swipe-and-go girl so I always stick to lip balm instead of lipstick. This lip butter could be the answer to my lazy lip routine.

✽ Overall 

Overview: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡
The Peach Parfait lip butter is definitely more moisturising than regular lipstick. You won't get the moisturising qualities of a lip balm, but it's a nice compromise for it's colour payoff and hydration.

Hydration: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡
Revlon promoted the lip butter stating that '94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother and instantly hydrated."

In no way this is a miracle product giving us magically hydrated lips it's more hydrating than lipstick, as lipstick can be really dry on our lips.
Colour payoff:   ♡ ♡ ♡
If you're looking for intense bold lips, this ain't for ya woman.

As I said above, this colour is a great option for those who like to apply their lipstick without a mirror. The colour is sheer enough to be applied with minimal hassle, but makes my lips pretty. When applied on me, the colour looks really natural on me. I would describe it as 'Like my natural lips, only better.'

This lip butter also has a whole lotta shimmer! Makes my lips look pretty and pouty giving it a lip gloss feel.

Don't get me wrong for rating it 2 hearts only. I love this product's absolutely perfect, but comparing it to a regular lip stick, it deserves 2 hearts.

Application:    ♡ ♡
The lip butter does not glide on as smoothly, hence I choose to use a dabbing motion instead. However, I did notice a slight 'grainy' feel when I apply the lip butter. Probably from the intense amount of glitter!

Packaging:    ♡ ♡
The packaging is rather... Mehhh... Nothing special like YSL, but still pretty enough for me to love it! The cap clicks on with a satisfying 'click' and has gone through many adventured with me in my handbag without opening. So it's travel safe!

"My natural lips, only better"
*flicks hair*

❝ Pros 
More moisturising than regular lipstick.
Gorgeous natural colour.
Beautiful shimmer for glossy looking lips. (This may be a con for you if you dislike shimmery lips)
A large range of colours available.

❝ Con
*takes deep breath*

Say it with me Aussie girls:
"The price!!!!"

At AU$21.95 a pop, it makes my purse cry.

Ranting aside, I'll end this post with a kissy picture of me.



♡ ♡ 



  1. I have this one :) I originally thought that it would be more pigmented, but alas no ): Maybe it's because I have super pigmented lips. But on you it looks super cute ^^

  2. great review! This is actually one of the colours that I plan on getting. hehe it looks pretty on you! :)

  3. peach parfait is my fave!!
    and i still love it, regardless of the glitters, it really is, "my lips but better" colour. *flicks hair* hahahha, you cutie X

  4. love how it looks really natural :)

  5. Aw everyone loves this colour.. except me LOL
    I like the shade but it's sooo chunky with glitters and dries out my lips :( Sadface.

  6. Love the hairrrrr motion hahaha. Omg, I'd say that with you too & i'm from NZ. It's like $25 (only price tag i could find thus far, aside from online) here >:( Gonna make my sister stock up if it's still out next march :DD It looks pretty <3 love it! And love your lips too! I wish i had a prominent cupid's bow ='(

  7. Hello pretty ;)!
    And eeeeee, the colour looks pretty! I want to get someee :( but they all so expensive

  8. It looks lovely, love the natural look! :) Hazel

  9. Lip butters are excellent. You look great with those. Thanks for sharing and requesting you to keep writing. Visit my blog to get simple home beauty tips.


  10. This is my favorite color (besides Tutti Fruitti) in the Lip Butter. Between those two, I wear nothing else.

    Great to find you blog!


  11. Waaah so pricey
    I think you look
    pretty c: nice color!


  12. i have one of these revlon lip butters in a dark red and i love it! it's a lot more pigmented compared to the peach parfait that you have though! :D


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