November 9, 2012

Super Easy Ombre Lips

Hello my dearies!

It's been a while, hasn't it? XD

Exams this year's pretty chill-ish cause my exam dates were pretty spread out but I did put my blog aside for a bit even tho I've had some posts ready on my draft. Bleh!

Yes, back to ombré lips! They're also fondly known as Just Bitten Lips, Lollipop Lips and whole bunch of other cute names.

They're basically lip colours fading from one colour to another, with most common colour combinations of pinks and corals fading to a nude colour. It's a super fun trend to try and I really love the look! Be it black-red lips, purple-pink lips or rainbow lips, as long as they're a fun colour to try, I'm up for it!

It you're interested in getting super simple and cute ombré lips, here's a tutorial to get them in just 2 steps!

Step 1:
Apply a layer of lip colour on the inner part of your lips. I used my Revlon Lips Butter in Sweet Tart.

Step 2:
Blend out the colour using concealer.

And you now have super cute kissable lips! Super easy and you can achieve it without a lips brush, just use your fingers!

I love this method and it's versatility with colour choice.

Here's a bunch of other ombré lips I've tried out before. Click on the pictures if you're interested! =D

What lip trend have you been rocking lately?

And to those having exams, how are you holding up? We're gonna partyyyy~~ after this! XD


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  1. I always liked ombre lips! I really like the darker tones.

  2. Such a cute/pretty color ombre! Might try this soon too :D

  3. ahh, im loving ombre lips, it just makes your lips more standout =)

  4. love how it's so simple and so pretty at the same time! :)

  5. This is really pretty, I might give it a try with my sweet tart too :) I've been wearin deep reds and plum shades lately <3

  6. This may sound so weird.. But you have the cutest lips! Thanks for showing us this method sweetie!!! :D

  7. Yeah! I love black-red and black-orange ombre lips!

  8. Thank you! I'd love to see how your ombre turns out!

  9. Aww thanks! I like how it gives a different feel to a lipstick and it's so easy to apply! =D

  10. Thank you! I'm a sucker for easy cute makeup ideas. XD

  11. Awwwww so sweet! For that, you get three hearts and a virtual hug. =D ♡ ♡ ♡ *hugs* And you're so welcomed! I hope it helped give you makeup ideas!

  12. This looks soo easy.. I will try this for sure :)

  13. Please do! It's so easy and quick to do!


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