November 13, 2012

DIY Capped Toed Boots

First of all, I am done with exams! Woohoooo!!

So I've been waiting to DIY my boots for the longest time but never found the time. What better time to get into some DIY projects than after exams!

Back story was, I wore out my new ankle boots for the first time and I fell on on the tar road, in the rain, within 15 minutes of wearing them.


Lol it's funny when I write about it now, but I was soooo sad when it happened cause my brand new shoes were now ruined! Gah!

I was pretty lucky, in the sense that the 'hole' was at the front because I could easily cover them up!

I've seen many DIY capped toe shoes tutorials around using acrylic paint, but I'm not familiar with acrylic paint at all. There were so many factors I was worried about such as 'Will the paint run when wet?', 'Will the paint be able to give the blemished part a smooth finish?', 'Will the paint crack?'

After much contemplating, I decided to go with black nail polish because I'm more familiar with them!

I have a peace of mind that the polish won't run when wet and I can layer the polish till I get a smooth finish.

I used tape to get a straight line, black marker pen to cover the white hole and some good pigmented nail polish to get the job done! 

I used half the bottle with total of 10+ layers to make sure the hole gets covered in a smooth layer.

However, if your shoes are blemish free, 3 layers is plenty to give a gorgeous finish.

I left them to dry overnight and TAH-DAH! New shoes!

The dent is now barely visible but you could see some slight rippling. Unless someone has their head on the floor, it's all good. =D

I'm so glad I didn't have to throw my boots out! 

If you're planning on doing trying this DIY out, I highly recommend nail polish for a gorgeous shine!

Much prettier and easier than using acrylic, IMO!

What better way to celebrate the end of exams with 'new' shoes. XD


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  1. omaygwad!! they look super awesome!! it look like a brand new pair of shoes~ great job~ =)

  2. Great effort, lovely! Love seeing the DIY sorta stuff. Hardly see this sort of arts/craft thing nowadays.

  3. Genius, why didn't I think of doing that with my shoes?! Too bad your shoes got ruined, but the capped toe looks pretty neat too I reckon :D

  4. love this! its so much more subtle to the silver metallic capped shoes! Shame about the hole though, I'd be so heartbroken especially cause they were new!

  5. Thanks! They do look brand now and I can't stop staring at them! XD

  6. I love DIY ideas and I'm trying to incorporate more DIY into my less used clothes and bags!

    If you're interested in DIY, check out! She has a whole bunch of great DIY tips and ideas!

  7. I was sooooo sad and crushed when I first noticed the hole. Good thing I managed to cover them up! I was initially going for the metallic glitter idea but decided against it cause they were gonna be my everyday go to shoes. =D

  8. This is so clever and awesome! Thank you for sharing :D

  9. This is so neat! Such a great idea. :)
    I wish I could come up with DIYs, not very creative with that kind of stuff surprisingly.

  10. OMG SO PRO. Shiiiiiet. I was wondering how you got it to look so perfect *A*

  11. Wow such a good idea!!!! So creative!

  12. You're so welcomed my dear! =D

  13. Thank you! I love DIY projects but I don't carry them out often tho. I was desperate to start this project to save my shoes! XD

  14. Lol lots and lots to nail polish till I was so sick of fumes!

  15. such a goood idea :D I've got to try these for my shoes, great idea for saving money haha :D
    the shoes look even better than before!!

    Never would I have thought your shoes were damaged beforehand. You did a really good job saving your them! They look as good as new :D

  17. Oooh this is amazinggg!!
    I've had a few shoes like this and nver thought to do anything like this xP Although shoe ..damages are much worse than this LOL ;A;

  18. I'm glad that you were able to wear your boots again, this is so creative! Your boots look new afterward!

    re: Omg your poor mom! Did your dog get a scolding? Hahahaha I feel bad for both of them! Actually something like that happened to be before. I was in bed trying to sleep when I heard a scary scratching sound from my door. I sat up and looked at my door and heard it again! I was freaking out BAD for a good minute of two thinking about what could be making that sound....until I remembered I had a dog and sometimes he'll push the doors or scratch them when he's lying down -.-

  19. Ah thanks! I only paid $2 for the nail polish! $2 for new/different shoe's worth it! =D

  20. Thanks! I was really glad I could save the shoes! =D

  21. Lol thanks! Well, you could stud them up or paint over them to hide the damage! I'm thinking of a few studding projects for my shoes! =D

  22. Thanks! I was soooooo devastated when my new boots took a beating. XD

    Lol I screamed at her and she got chased out of the house. Haha!! She was a really jealous dog as well and she hated me when I was born cause she wasn't my dad's 'Main Woman' no more. Haha! I'd love to have a dog but my current living and studying situation doesn't allow me to have one. Gah! I hope to get a crazy door scratching, oddly lying down, scaring people dog soon! XD


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