November 19, 2012

Bourjois Rose Coup de Foundre Blush

Hello loves!

Today's review is on my very first Bourjois purchase!

When I heard that Bourjois owned Chanel, I knew I had to give it's famous blushes a go!

Ok wait. Before I get into the review, some of you must be screaming 'Chanel owns Bourjois!' in your heads right now, I did some research on the whole who-owns-who fiasco but I'll leave the heavy reading for another post.

Now, let's get to the eye candy!

Introducing the Bourjois Blush in 16 Rose Coupe de Foundre.
(I can't for the life of me, pronounce this without butchering the beautiful name)

I was pretty surprised that the the lil round pot blush contained a cute arched brush and a mirror! Very handy when you like to apply makeup on the go because the whole round pot itself doesn't take up much space! No space was wasted on trying to fit in a brush.

The colour, Rose Coup de Foundre, I picked was the most coral/apricot colour I could find from the current collection. The formula's pretty shimmery with lots of gold micro shimmers, which gives you a beautiful healthy glow. Fortunately, this blush does not contain much larger shimmer particles that Bourjois's usually so fond of.

The blush applies like a dream and is super pigmented. I do not recommend swirling your brush to pick up the pigments, instead just lightly tap the brush on the blush and slowly build up the intensity according to your liking.

✽ Overall ✽

Overview: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
The Rose Coup de Foundre is a great everyday blush giving you a healthy flush with gold undertones. However, a light touch is needed during application due to the extreme pigmentation and immense amount of fall out.

Colour payoff: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

Using the brush supplied, I lightly brushed the surface of the blush, gave it a slight tap and applied to my cheeks. The blush was so pigmented that I kinda said out loud 'FWAHHHHHHHHH!'.
So yeah, bottom line is, the blush's highly pigmented!

Application:    ♡ ♡
The formula applied smoothly and blends in the skin beautifully. However, the blush tends of have a lot of fall out, so be careful when applying the blush!

Packaging:     ♡
The famous little round pot, measuring roughly 4.5cm across complete with a brush and mirror. Perfect for travel without taking up unnecessary space! However, the packaging does not scream luxury (we love them luxury items) but it's simple and no nonsense packaging appeals to minimalist in me.

The blush smells like something my grandmother used to put. Like, rose talcum powder? I really can't put a finger to it, but to me, it smells like the talcum powder my grandmother loved. You could clearly pick up the scent when applying, but it doesn't linger after application.

❝ Pros ❞
Very pigmented.
Applies smoothly and blends well into the skin.
Great glow to cheeks when applied.
Convenient built in mirror and brush.

❝ Cons ❞
High amount of fall out.
Contains a lot of shimmer and some larger shimmer 'chunks' which some people would dislike.
Talcum-like scent which some may not like.

Soooo... Back to Chanel vs Bourjois. I did my research and got some answers but I'm not satisfied with my current research. XD

The million dollar question is, who do you think the parent company is?


♡ ♡ 



  1. it's a really lovely shade for your skintone, and this blush reminds me of a M.A.C blush too :)

  2. I have this one too and love it! I'll be interested to know (if you ever find out) who the parent company is! Very intriguing!

  3. what a pretty shade!
    i owned a couple of these a long time ago but i had some trouble getting the colors out.
    what i heard about chanel & bourjois is that same manufacturer makes their blush and eyeshadow products..but that was also a long time ago that i heard about it. the domed baked texture is quite similar, though. ;)

  4. Such a pretty shade, It's a shame there's so much fallout though!

  5. What a pretty shade! And so pigmented too. The fallout is unfortunate though. :T

  6. Boujois is definitely one of my new favorite brands great post!

    New follower, follow back?

  7. Gorgeous shade on you - this one is my favourite Bourjois pot blush along with Rose D'Or :)

  8. It seems like this blush and Rose D'or seems to be the most popular shade of the lot! It was really hard to find a reputable source and I'll blog about my findings as soon as possible! =D

  9. I did find the Bourjois and Chanel blushes to be pretty similar in texture, but I can't say much about this cause I don't own a Chanel blush. I've only swatched them at the stores. =D I did hear about the Bourjois blushes hardening and stuff like that but I hope mine doesn't harden up!

  10. Yes it is! I did find the fall out annoying, but I hope the fallout will reduce as I keep using them!

  11. I hope the fallouts will reduce soon! I heard that Bourjois 'hardens up' with use, so we'll see about that. =)

  12. I heard so much about Rose D'or and that's on my wishlist right now! =D

  13. I have two of their blushes!
    I find that after a while the baked texture hardens and it actually becomes quite hard to pick up product and there is no fall out at all.


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