August 25, 2012

Simple Weaved Nail

Hi there!!

I've been noticing the 'weaved nails' trend is starting to pick up and I decided to try it, with my lazy twist to the method of course!

I'm pretty OCD with my nail art. I absolutely cannot stand wobbly non-straight lines on my nails. I don't know why, but it just makes me cringe. Oh darn you OCD!

So anyway, I decided to try achieving the perfect straight lines using tape!

If you're thinking of the usual tape style to achieve french tipped nails, honey, you're so wrong.

So if you're interested, keep reading! =D

I decided to use the Essie Cube in The Resort Collection (L-R):
Lion Around - Da Bush - Your Hut or Mine - Fair Game

and of course, tape!

Step 1:

I 'suspended' the tape securely over a bowl and painted the polish over the tape. Just find anywhere to make your tape bridge! As long as it's secure. =D

Remember to paint at least 2 or 3 layers of polish because the thicker polish will be easier to work with later.

Step 2:

When the polish is fully dried, cute them up into strips!

The width of your strips depends on how thick you want your weave to look. I cut mine roughly 3mm.

And now for the fun and tedious part.

 Step 3: 

* I initially made a mistake of weaving the tape itself and sealing it in with top coat.

Bad idea! After a bath, the tape got wet and started peeling. OMG it was so annoying!! I literally ripped the tape out after 2 hours of having done my nails. *

Ok I decided to try again so on to the next step!

Step 3:

 This time, I used tweezers to slowly peel out the polish strips from the tape and weaved those into a pattern.

Be gentle because the polish strip's really fragile.

Step 4:

Gently press down on the polish strips and use a sharp scissors or nail clippers to clean up the excess polish strip.

If you want, you could blast your nails with a hair dryer till the polish strips feel secure.

Step 5:

Seal with a top coat and voila!

Sit back and admire your nails.


Well, I did say this method was easy, but I'd like to warn you that it's pretty tedious if you're a perfectionist!

I went back the next day and 'weaved' all my nails and boy was my back hurting from the hunching and squiting!

I sealed in my design with 3 layers of top coat because with all the effort I've put in, I didn't want it to be chipping within 2 days.


If you do try out this method, please send me a picture! I'd love to see what pattern or colour combination you came up with!

The possibilities are endless!!

Hope you enjoyed this idea!


♡ ♡ 


 p.s. To all you lovelies out there who may have a problem 'lifting' the polish from the tape with tweezers, Queenie has written a blog post about an easier method to do so! So click click click for her post! If you girls still have problems, drop me a comment down below! =D 


  1. wow this is genius, I'll try it soon and hopefully I will blog a photo and redirect it to this tutorial!

  2. I love this idea!!! I'm tempted to try it out now... hehehe thanks hun ^^

  3. thats a realllly cool idea1 definitely gonna try it out :D

  4. wow that's awesome and so creative. I have the same resort collection too but the whole time consuming and perfectionist thing is kind of putting me off lol, maybe one day when i need some time out i can put my concentration into doing this. thanks for the post! x

  5. The effect is so cool but it looks like it requires a lot of effort! Especially since your first method didn't quite work out. But at least you got it right the second time :) Your nails look awesome :D

  6. Wow soooo creative! I just don't have the time and patience though haha but it looks awesome!

  7. it looks so simple to do! i love it!
    im just like you; i hate having like wobbly lines and i hate like bubbly kind of nail polish designs! hehe!
    this is so pretty and different, so cool! ^^
    Krissy xoxo ~

  8. Whoa you are so talented! Your nails look so cool! I haven't seen a step by step nail post this good! I love your blog and am now following:)

  9. Great tutorial! I'll try this soon cause I love the weave nails. I was actually watching a similar nail tutorial using tape and they made it look so easy lol. Not sure if I'll have the same patience to do this but i love your nails! :D

  10. Oh damn those look really cool!!! I don't know if I could do them as well as you did though. I always had trouble with nail tape, I don't see this working out better for me. Too bad though, I really love how your nails look. It's definitely a great conversation starter too.


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