August 20, 2012

Fire Inspired Lips

Hey there!

Lately I've really been into fire and flames. Don't know why, but I really love how strong and powerful fire looks.

I decided to play around with my makeup and came up with a gradient lip look inspired by fire.

I used my red Hello Kitty lipstick reviewed here, an orange lipstick from MAC in Ardor and a beautiful gold pigment.

I combined the gold pigment with vaseline to achieve to really gorgeous gold paste.

Mmmmm... Shiny...

And here's how I achieved the gradient lip look!

And you're done! Easy-peasy! =D

Also, for this look, I used normal painting brushes I bought from Spotlight and it worked just fine.

Here's how everything looked after finishing up.

I hope you liked the look!

Thanks for reading!!



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  1. I think it looks amazing :D I like it ^^

  2. wow this is such an amazing and creative way to do lips! it's so easy to go overboard when it comes to lips but I think the gradient effect you did was perfectly subtle. love it :D

  3. Love your blog and your pictures are amazing and pro!

  4. reminds me of asian music videos! :D very artsy ~ nice

    Joyce @

  5. This is art! You are a total pro:)

  6. Creativity, yes! Kind of odd that you're into fire randomly but if it inspires you, hell yeah! ;)

  7. This looks fantastic, I've never seen anyone do their lips like this - very creative.

    Love your blog and all your tutorials - new follower :)


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