August 6, 2013

2NE1 Falling In Love - Minzy Inspired Eyeliner + My natural eyebrows!

Hey dolls!

The coloured eyeliner's all the rage right now because it's a cute way to add colour for the summer.


It's freezing here in Melbourne.

*imagines self in a beautiful Bali resort*

Coloured eyeliner's super simple to achieve and it's a great chance for those eyeshadow hoarders out there to finally bring that pretty coloured eyeshadow out. Yes, you know who you are. You have a zillion coloured eyeshadows but only use your trusty Naked Palette. *nudge nudge*

I tried experimenting a few methods to get the perfect coloured liquid eyeliner using eyeshadow, mainly mixing eyeshadow with vaseline, primer and water.

1. Vaseline: The eyeshadow turned oily and blotchy. Don't do it.

2. Primer: The eyeshadow turned out beautifully pigmented and dries like a charm, unfortunately it dried up so fast, it was hard to draw on the eyeliner.

3. Water: The best and easiest method I tried. If you'd like to try the coloured eyeliner for fun, try this method!

Minzy's Eyeliner from Falling in Love gave a cute pop of colour without the 'tacky-factor'. I thought it looked great with the teal and orange lip combination and I'd totally wear that combination for summer!

And yesss, that's my natural eyebrow! I've yet to master the art of eyebrow shaping, but I'm leaning towards the straight Korean eyebrow trend now because it's the easiest eyebrow shaping method. I can't be bothered with the whole:

'you would look younger if your eyebrows are arched this way'
'you'll look sexier if your eyebrows are arched that way'

How do you shape your eyebrows?


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  1. Ooh the blue is so pretty! You did the makeup so well^^ I am also trying to get my brows to be 'Korean style' and be straight ~ it's easy but looks cute too(: x

  2. So pretty may! I love your eyebrows ^^ and the teal eyeliner is so pretty it's my favorite color for eyeshadow or color liner :D

  3. Gorgeous! Such a pretty colour. I just have a small arch on my brow but I never really get it done professionally. I just maintain it myself by plucking lol so far it hasn't looked too disastrous (I think)?

  4. I've nominated you for the liebster award! Here's the post link: =]

  5. Wow! It suits you really well, dear! :)

  6. thank you for sharing the tutorial, i love how you recreated the makeup!!!♡

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  7. I love the pop of colour, it really makes your eyes pop :) My eyebrows are the same- I don't like the arched look too much as it makes you look angry! I just pluck them myself as I am terrified of someone ruining them if I pay a professional :P

  8. It's such a vibrant colour without being too OTT. It looks great on you. I never knew water could be such a good primer!

  9. Thank you! Yeah the 'korean style' eyebrows are soo easy! I really don't know how to do the arched look. XD

  10. Thank you babe!! Teal's a favourite eye colour as well! I also didn't notice I've been collecting a lot of teal coloured items as well!

  11. Thanks babe! Your eyebrows suit you a lot, don't worry about it! XD

  12. Yeah! I thought teal was the best 'understated vibrant' colour for eyes! Water was a good choice, but if you do have a face a makeup setting spray, it would work far better! Unfortunately I don't own one, so water shall do! =D

  13. the eyeliner color is gorgeous!

  14. I've tried shaping my eyebrows with a professional twice in my life, both times they ended up shaving the ends off because my eyebrows aren't naturally arched enough. It took me so long just to grow the ends back! Never again will a professional touch my eyebrows!

  15. Awww thank you!! Looking forward to it!

  16. This looks so pretty and I'm excited to try out this method!! :)
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    I'm new to blogging and would be delighted if you'll visit my blog :)

  17. Yesss!! It's such a fun colour to wear for summer/spring!

  18. Good luck with trying it out! It's so simple and fun!


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