August 12, 2013

MAC Mondays: 12.07.2009

MAC Naked Honey

 Oohh, yes please!!
 Honey for lips, eyes and cheeks sounds lovely!
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Hey dolls!

I was looking through my old emails and I realised I've kept every single MAC newsletter from the day I signed up. I never had the heart to delete them because every email was beautifully perfect and very inspirational.

I will be sharing these MAC Mondays on a weekly or bi-weekly because I simply love eye candies!

I hope these posts can inspire you or maybe just serve as a pick-me-up from those oh so dull Mondays.

Enjoy the sexy honey covered goodness.

♡ ♡ 



  1. This is such a fun idea! Gotta love eye-candies ;) Looking forward to them!
    x Court

  2. I love Mac's marketing team! Always great promo pics.


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