August 17, 2013

2NE1 Falling in Love - CL Inspired Look

Hello lovelies!

I'm still on a 2NE1 Falling in Love roll here, please bear with me. I'm having too much fun to stop. XD

This time, I tried creating CL's signature eyeliner and huge cat eyed lashes from the Falling In Love MV.

I was too hard to pass up experimenting with eyeliner and huge eyelashes!

CL has on her signature bold eyeliner with thick fluttery eyelashes that's really thick at the outer corners. Her lips are then enhanced with the perfect nude lips.

Achieving her eyeliner look was super easy. All I did was fill my entire double eyelid with eyeliner and winged the hell outta the ends, hence giving me a mono-lid look. It was my first time going crazy with eyeliner, and I really liked it!

As for lashes, I have on a pair of normal mid length lash on the entire lid and... here's the best part... 3 pairs of demi lashes at the outer corner to get a dramatic cat eyed lashes. I probably could get away with just 1 pair of really thick demi lashes, but I didn't have any so layering was my only option.

I have always been a huge fan of CL's signature eye look (I MUST meet her makeup artist!!) when it first appeared. It was like, her MUA suddenly discovered all the answers to life and found the perfect way to enhance CL's eyes.

If you followed CL since her Lollipop days, boy was it obvious that her eyeliner style did not do her justice.

Well, I've learnt finding the right makeup could really make a difference in your look. If you can't rock nude lips, don't force it. If you can't rock the cat eyes, don't force it.

Would you rock such dramatic eyeliner?

What's your eyeliner routine?

Cheers and peace out Blackjacks!

2NE1 yo!

♡ ♡ 



  1. Wow you look amazing! I could never pull of such bold eyeliner but it suits CL so well, out of interest did you use pencil, gel or liquid liner? I tend to use liquid but it never stays put on my bottom lashline*-* x

  2. Thank you! Oh yes, I totally understand the bottom lashline eyeliner dilemma. I usually go for a pencil with black eyeshadow over it. The eyeshadow really helps keep the eyeliner from budging, it should help! As for my top eyeliner, I used liquid liner with eyeshadow over. I always rely on my black eyeshadow. =D

  3. you re-create these looks so naturally!

    and i probably would if it was going clubbing at night but otherwise i think its too dramatic for like an everyday daylight look

  4. nice job :D it looks nice!!!

  5. I love how every time i leave a long ass comment on my phone via bloglovin' on your posts and they never go through. Anyhoo, you look hot (Although a little naked :P) ! I don't mind your korean inspired looks, it makes me jelly you're so good are recreating these looks tho - all down to the last detail like poses and nails :P

    my 'everyday' look is kinda dramatic liner and thick lashes (cuz my fat lids engulf everything otherwise) - so my liner is actually like, your thickness probably but when i open my eyes its like this thin little line.... :'(

    you should do minzy's/park bom's look (they kinda seem a little similar imo... so yeah :P DO IT BABE HAHAHAH <3

  6. Wooooow you look stunning!! So dramatic and gorgeous!

  7. You look incredible, the hair is awesome! I love this look on you, you are too cute May.

  8. I looooove this eyeliner look. It's so sassy and eye catching. I guess it probably wouldn't suit me for most days...
    Go Blackjacks! 8DDD

  9. Loving the CL look on you!
    + You have really pretty lips!

  10. oohh you look so pretty! I love 2ne1! I always wear thin liquid eyeliner, thick eye liner doesn't suit me well I think ;p

  11. Thank you! Yeah I think it would be a great clubbing look cause no one can judge us at the clubs! XD

  12. Ah I love it when I get comments from you cause they're always so honest and fun to read! Yeah looking back, I do kinda look naked. Lol darn you for pointing that out! You can see a bit of my tube top on the second last pic tho! XD

    I totally understand your everyday look. A close friend on mine has monolids as well and thick lashes was the only way her double eyelids would 'pop' out and she has on super super thick eyeliner as well. But honestly, I think she looks really good with thick eyeliner!

  13. Thank you Alice!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO =D

  14. Yay Blackjack fighting!! I don't think I would have the guts to step out in super thick eyeliner as well, unless it's to the clubs!

  15. Thank you!! I always wear thin eyeliner as well. Surprisingly I look ok with super thick eyeliner, but not medium thickness eyeliner. Weird. XD

  16. pretty<3

    You look beautiful in bold eyeliner:)

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  17. U look great!


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