August 23, 2013

Kiss Me: Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips 04

Hey lippie lovers!

A quick review on Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation Milky Color Lips in 04.

A while ago, a best friend of mine gave me this lipstick cause it didn't work on her dark skin at all. Since I have fairer skin, I gave it a go!

I used to be all about the nude lips, white pale and oh so glossy, complete with concealer and the works. Fast forward to the present, I've become a lazy lip balm girl or on good days, I'll pick the brightest lipstick I could find. XD

This lipstick looks and feel very milky on my lips, emphasising it's name - Milky Color Lips!

This Milky Color Lips comes in a beautiful sturdy packaging and feels luxuriously heavy, if you know what I mean. I love the gold and black packaging and it makes a lovely 'click' sound when I close the cap. *click*

The formula is thick, almost heavy feeling on the lips, matte with a subtle sheen and very pigmented. The matte formula seems to emphasise the dry cracks on my lips, hence it can look pretty bad when applied on dry lips. Nothing that lip balm and a lip scrub can't handle!

Scent wise, I pick up a rather strong vanilla-isque scent, kinda like creme brulee!

 I find that the lipstick doesn't go on very nicely when swiped on, instead dabbing on the lipstick gives a better and more even coverage. My lips are currently pretty bruised and cracked from the winter cold and this lipstick managed to completely cover the redness in a single swipe.

The picture below shows a single swipe on the right, and packed on on the left. Not a very big difference I would say, thanks to the high pigmentation.

✽ Overall ✽

Lipstick quality: ♥ ♥   
Packaging quality: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Ease of use: ♥ ♥ ♥  

❝ Pros 
Very pigmented lipstick.
Nice heavy luxurious packaging.
Nice nude shade, works as alone or as a lip concealer.
Vanilla/Creme Brulee scent, could be a pro or con for you.

❝ Cons 
Emphasises fine lines on lips.
Formula can feel heavy on lips.
Can go on rather patchy.

A nice nude lip colour, very suitable for Asian skin tone. It's beautifully pigmented, giving you perfect coverage with one swipe, but it can go on patchy. I do suggest patting on the lipstick to even out the colour. The luxurious heavy packaging is a huge plus as well! However, if you're not comfortable with nude lips, skip this. It's been a while since I had nude lips on and I was veryyy uncomfortable looking at myself with the lipstick on.

What are your thoughts on nude lips?


♡ ♡ 



  1. Great review~ I always like looking at lipsticks, the bright ones always catch my attention more but because they're harder to pull off I usually go for the lazy option and use a pale pink or peach haha^-^ Though over the summer I've been really drawn to orange lipsticks - especially Revlon ones:D x

  2. That colour is gorgeousssss!!
    I've never heard of Heavy Rotation and will defo have to look into them. I'm assuming they have pretty cute packaging judging from this post >w<
    I used to be obsessed with nudes because I wanted to find the perfect one. It was hard but my search was over after I found Rimmel's Nude Delight :P I'll probaby go back to nudes when autumn/winter comes but right now I'm all about orange for the summer!

  3. ohh i lovee that color on you!! its very pretty and def the color im looking for. i have very dried lips tho so im not liking that fine line/patchy thing. it will probably end up lookng bad on me very soon after application lol

  4. The color looks great on you!
    I've found nude colors to be a bit iffy on me. I'm Asian and fair skinned, but that can easily change in the summer >_<; And nude colors can just make you look so pale and sickly!
    But it looks great on you. ^o^ I'll see if I can give this lipstick a try.
    I like the way you take your pictures :)

  5. The color looks really nice on you! You have a nice lip shape too. I find it's hard to find nude colors that look good on me - most seem to wash me out and make me look like a corpse :P

  6. I think I like brights and super darks more than nudes, but maybe it's because I haven't found the perfect milky nude yet! I think the color looks so nice on you~

  7. I agree with you! I've yet to find a nude that doesn't make me look pale, that's why I always lean towards brights as well cause they're so much easier to carry off!

  8. Thank you! I find most nudes wash me out too and oddly, some nudes makes my lips look bee-stung, in a weird way.

  9. Thank you!! I find nudes make me look pale too, and sometimes I feel like Snooki when I have pale lips on. XD

  10. Thank youuu! Yeap it's a very pretty nude-peachy shade but it's very drying. I'd recommend that you give it a skip because I'd choose nice moist naked lips over dry painted lips anyday!

  11. Oops I made a mistake! The brand's Kiss Me. Uugh sorry for the mistake! I've just google Rimmel's Nude Delight and it's such a pretty shade!! I was eyeing another similar peachy-nude lipstick from another brand!

    Yesss I'm all for orange as well! I don't know why, but I was obsessed over orange lips for a while. My favourite has gotta be RImmel Kate Moss in #12. It's a very pretty matte warm orange!

  12. Thank you! Peach is the way to go! =D I've been unknowingly drawn to orange lipsticks as well and my favourite is Rimmel Kate Moss in #12 which is a pretty bright warm orange! I saw this gorgeous peach from the Rimmel as well but I'm trying to stop myself from getting more lipsticks! XD

  13. The colour of the lipstick is really pretty!
    I feel like lipsticks are too much for me, and when I wear nude colours I usually look really... ill...
    I usually just go for the tints :(

  14. I'm not too much of a fan for nude lip (on me), but hum! Kiss Me is one of my favourite brands, their mascara is brilliant. Never tried their lip products though! o.o

  15. I love nude lipsticks- just as long it is a nude that matches your skintone! This one looks so pretty on you, the shade is perfect but shame about the difficult application! I'm not adventurous when it comes to lip colours unfortunately :(

  16. Ah tints are nice! Oddly enough, tints don't work on me! They slip and slide and ends of looking weird on my lips. O.O

    Lipsticks can feel heavy on the lips and sometimes I find it uncomfortable too.

  17. Ah I've heard of many good things about their mascara. I have one new Kiss Me mascara yet to be opened, and I can't wait to use it! =D

    Their lip product's alright! Check them out if you can!

  18. Yup yup!! It's hard to find nude lipsticks that matches, mainly because I'm too grossed by the thought of trying a tester lipstick, especially those at Priceline, Kmart etc!


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