October 2, 2013

Suet: Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water-Max Sleeping Mask Review

Hey! Autumn/Winter is creeping in (at least where I’m at =D) and this calls for measures to protect the face from drying out!

Say hello to sleeping masks!

I have a collection of sleeping masks that I use - one of them being Dr Jart+’s (For some reason the product is called Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask in the US).

Shopping for Asian skincare products in the UK drives me bonkers (don’t even get me started on Asian cosmetics- they’re practically non-existent in this region of the world TT) and Dr Jart+ is probably the only Korean brand I have seen around in the UK which was launched in 2012 in Boots (Correct me if I’m wrong! Other than Belif from LG which you have to order from Scotland and a few shops that sell Asian brands like MyBeauty Secrets, Laneige etc in Chinatown but I never buy them there seeing how much they jack up the prices by!)


About DrJart+

In a nutshell, it’s a middle range Korean skincare brand that aims to deliver better skin conditions using dermatological know-how though they are much better known for their BB creams! (They call their products dermatological cosmetics – They work closely with a number of leading dermatologists in developing the products). Their product line is expanding pretty quickly, a sign of increasing popularity I would say! Their products are targeted towards all skin types and are tried and tested to suit even those with hypersensitive skin and even pregnant women!!! So you won’t be seeing ingredients such as alcohol, artificial fragrance etc as their concept is on developing products that focuses on product safety and restricting ingredients that will throw users into a frenzy of skin irritation!

Their products are not tested on animals as well! They are totally against it!

Key Ingredients:

1)    Oat Extract: Hydrates dry skin, helps to reduce moisture loss and maximize moisturisation

2)    Cactus Flower Extract: Moisture retention and anti-inflammatory

3)    Okra Extract: Softens skin and has anti-ageing properties

4)    Hyaluronic Acid Macromolecule: Moisturising

5)    Olive Leaf Extract: Strengthens skin barrier

6)    Lactobacillus Peptide: Protects; antibacterial

7)    Cranberry Extract: Enhances elasticity

8)    Equisetum Giganteum: Soothes skin

9)    Sophora Japonica: Provides care for dehydrated skin

10) Adansonia Digitata: Enhances skin glow

Oh Man that’s a handful LOL but the more the better! XD

Key Points:

1)    Part of their MOST MOIST Line

2)    Bioferment-based and goes by the 4 free system ie NON PRESERVATIVE,NON ALCOHOL, NON COLOURANT & NON FRAGRANCE

3)    Provides intense & continuous moisture, & also a protective layer on your skin & preventing roughness and dehydration while you sleep. It has anti-ageing and lifting effects while improving the skin surface at the same time!

4)    Comes in a pump dispenser! YAY HYGIENE!

5)    Texture: Has a cloudy white light gel texture that absorbs pretty well.

6)    Smells really good as well! Since it contains 9 essential oils blend of lavender, myrrh, orange, rose, lemon, lime, sandalwood, chamomile,  & geranium  =D I thought it would smell like messed up since they’re mixing so many but it actually smells pleasant!

Having relied on this whenever I can’t get my hands on Laneige’s Sleeping Mask that many swear by, I’m pretty satisfied with it! It works pretty well as a substitute! Price-wise affordable as well! It absorbs into the skin really well and I do feel a difference when I touch my face in the morning! It’s a lot softer and smoother!


* M.May: I LOVEEEEE my Laneige Sleep Mask! Seriously it helped so much with my dry face. Suet, I'm stealing your Dr. Jart Sleep Mask. Nyehehehehe.


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