September 28, 2013

Cheshire Cat Look + Giveaway with!!

Hi dolls!

Halloween is about a month away and it's one of my favourite makeup experimentation times!

I was contacted by the lovely people at about a collaboration opportunity and I was more than excited to work with them! carries a wide variety of costumes (Halloween guys!!), clubwear, ravewear, lingerie and basically anything sexy. XD Although I'm way too conservative, ab-less and boob-less for some of their gorgeous outfits, I do enjoy browsing through their website and I'm a big fan of their LBD section!

While browsing through their website, I instantly fell in love with this purple pink ombre wig! I loved it so much that I decided to share this wig with a giveaway, courtesy of! Do check out this wig giveaway at the end of the blogpost!

When I first picked up this wig from it's packaging, I knew I had to do a cheshire cat look! The cheshire cat had always been one of my favourite cats because he's so odd and of course, he's purple and pink!

I wasn't too keen on painting my whole face so I settled for purple contouring instead!

I attached some clear Swarovski crystals from on my lashes, inner corner of my eyes and of course, my whiskersss yo...

I also extended my lips to give myself a cheshire grin (more like pedo grin) using black eyeshadow and boy did my reflection creeped me out for a while.


** Update: Oct 18 **
Congratulations to you Apple!! (I recognised your twitter username. XD) I've sent you an email and I can't wait to hear from you very soon! CONGRATS!

Thank you for checking out my blog, good luck and have fun!!


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p.s. If you'd like to add this giveaway to your blog's sidebar, here's the button:

M.May's Halloween Wig Giveaway!!

Disclaimer: This product (wig) was provided by the lovely people from  ILoveSexy! However, all thoughts are truthful and filled with mayhem.

*** is having 20% off all costumes from today to Monday, September 30th so get shopping with the code EARLYBIRD20! What are you waiting for? Get shopping!



  1. When I was living in Denmark , I loved to have Halloween party with my friends and family...
    but nowadays I m living in Tunisia ,and here they don t follow this tradition.
    However have a nice party my dear!
    And thank you for the giveaway!

  2. it's my anniversary! we still have no clue what we're doing though...

  3. Hi... thank you so much for this lovely Giveaway ^^ Well my hallowen plans maybe i wanna be a zombie girl^^
    With Purple Color ...

  4. Yes I am so excited! I already have my kitty halloween costume ready lol

  5. Hopefully going trick or treating with my daughter & man (:

  6. Love the wig and your Cheshire cat makeup!! <3 thank you for the giveaway ^^

  7. You look amazing!! YOUR HAIR, AND MAKE UP! <3

  8. Cute look!! I love the Cheshire cat so this has to be one of my favourite Halloween looks ever!!


  9. Im not sure for myself but my granddaughters want to be Chucky and Chuckys Bride, my so is going to be Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol guy. Love this time of year!

  10. Yes, I am excited! I can't wait to take my kids trick or treating! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Reneewalters3 at yahoo dot com

  11. Super excited for Halloween- it's my favorite! I don't have a plan yet, but I'm in the process of making the kids costumes now.

  12. I plan to go out partying with my friends on Halloween! Very excited for that :)

  13. My girl would look great in this! OMG! Let me win so I can give it to her!

  14. Yes I am so excited! I already have my kitty halloween costume

  15. i am going as a Marvel Super Villain don't know which one yet.

  16. HEllo may! THanks for this awesome giveway!! =) I am planning on being a sexy sailor as my halloween costume!! :D

  17. i am going as a Marvel Super Villain don't know which one yet.

  18. I plan to go out partying with my friends on Halloween!

  19. Woww! I really like this look! Your makeup is gorgeous and the wig is really nice too!


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