June 3, 2013

B&C Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara

Hey dolls!

Here's a review on the B&C Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara!

*phew that was a mouthfull*

When I was back home in Malaysia, I went totally crazy at Sasa and picked up a bunch of awesome Asian products!

This mascara was the first thing that ripped open because I am a sucker for comb mascaras. I simply am not a fan of huge bushy brush mascaras because of its tendency to accidentally get smudged everywhere during application.

So more onto the Lash Sculpture mascara!

 The mascara promises to lengthen (by 130% I assume) and separates every lash with its unique lash comb.

However, I had a problem with the comb picking up way too much products and "glopping" them onto my lashes.

Some people may like the plump thick effect mascaras can give, but that's not for me.

A word of caution, the formula may go on rather clumpy during a second layer application. Looking at the picture below,

One layer applied.

Second layer applied after 20 seconds.

The first layer went on beautifully, but you could clearly see small clumps on the second layer.

Me no like.

Another great thing about Asian mascaras, it comes out easily with warm water! Woohoo!

On days when I'm too lazy with makeup, I usually apply mascara only because I can easily wash them off with warm water during my bath. Score!

✽ Overall ✽

Product quality: ♥ ♥ ♥  
Ease of use: ♥ ♥ ♥  
Test of time: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

❝ Pros 
Lashes look voluminous and darker, with more definition.
Comb wand separates lashes compared to brush wands.Easily removed with warm water.Hold a curl like a pro, yo.
Stays on forever. Could probably pass the 24 hour test with flying colours.

❝ Cons 
Comb wand picks up too much product.
Formula not layering-friendly. Clumps form during second layer application.
Lashes dries SOOOO hard and stiff.

There are better Asian mascaras out there. You could probably skip out on this one.
Unless you're looking for a mascara that can seriously hold a curl and a kazillion other mascaras failed you, you could give this a go.

And I'll end this post with full eye makeup on with the mascara!


♡ ♡ 



  1. pretty!!! it's great that it can be easliy remove by warm water ;u; I hate mascara's that don't come off easily Q_Q thanks for the review dear!

  2. I've never used a comb mascara actually. Too bad it clumps though, that's something I don't want in my mascara. I love your eye make-up, very pretty.

  3. Wow looks intriguing, never seen anything like it!!

  4. Yeahhh! If the mascara doesn't come off with hot water, it won't make it into my makeup stash. XD

  5. Thank you! My first mascara was the Maybelline Hello Kitty x Volum' Express, which had a similar brush wand. It was GREAT for lower lashes!

  6. Oh? The comb wand? This is my second comb wand actually! I'm a sucker for them. XD

  7. Woopss! I mean comb wand! XD

  8. love the eye make up babe ^^ y are u so prooooo omg. Also, i enjoy the way you review the mascaras - on falsies.. make clean up so much easier :P

  9. Yhank youuuuu!! <3 <3 <3 I decided with falsies, I could eliminate external factors such as our eyelash 'behaviour' itself which would totally affect the review, ya know? XD And if the mascara won't come out, I could just dump them. Lol.

  10. Wow the wand of this mascara looks like a comb! I can imagine it defining the lashes very well :) It makes your lashes look so naturally long- grrr I'm still on the lookout for the perfect mascara that can hold a curl! The mascara formulations always weigh down my poor asian lashes and then they start to droop :( I love mascara that can be washed away with water- easy removal is the best :D



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