September 18, 2012

Starry Night Nails

Have you ever bought nail polish that looked gorgeous in the bottle but looks totally different when applied to your nails?

This Russian Navy annoys me whenever I look at it. Lol.

While rummaging tru a box filled with discounted OPIs, it saw this extremely beautiful mystical purple  nail polish which I loved! Without looking at it's name, I immediately grabbed and paid for the nail polish.

Mana tau (Malaysian slang for 'who knew'. Lol.) the nail polish was some kinda weird navy blue which I didn't like one bit. The gorgeous red and purple micro shimmer did not show up one bit!

Boy, was I annoyed! 

Here's a picture of a thin layer of polish swatched on a piece of paper and held against the sun.

The poor polish laid unused for a year till I decided to use it and give it a twist to suit my liking.

I layered my polish.

Ever tried that?

I painted a layer of MAC Nocturnelle, which is basically a cream black, as the base and applied a thin layer of OPI Russian Navy on top.

It turned out to be a really pretty nail colour which appeared black, navy blue and purple under different lights! I was really happy with it! =D

I also applied Ulta3's Silver Glitter for gradient tips, just to add some pizzaz. Hehe.

Have you ever purchased a nail polish which you didn't like at all?


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  1. Funny thing is, this morning I woke up and was like "boy, I could use some glitter on my nails today." And saw this after! haha! ♥

    I bought these nail polishes before that looks wonderful and all pretty and stuff but on my nails they were like almost close to being clear and needed like 4 layers to be seen!

  2. It looks gorgeous! It happens to me ALL THE TIME. I just buy the polish coz it looks so pretty... and when finally swatch it, it sucks =___= glad u managed to make some use out of your polish ^^

  3. I really hate it when polishes look pretty in the bottle but it doesn't translate in the same way onto the nails. I love what you did with it though. The look that you did was stunning!!


  4. Your nails are so pretty :)

  5. I haaaaate when polishes do that!! Especially I am annoyed with glitter ones. They look so pretty in the bottle but when you use it you can hardly get any glitter onto your nails ><"" I really liked what you did with your polish and the sparkly tips are gorgeous! :)

  6. Wow this is so pretty!! I wanna attempt this so bad but Im horrible with nail arts. :(


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