September 21, 2012

Matte Orange Lips

Hellooooooooooo~~ (say it in the tone same as GD's One of A Kind. Go on. Give it a try)

Now that we're done greeting each other, yes, I have straight bangs now. I was really annoyed with my 'in between lengths' fringe one day and hacked it straight across at 2am. I am now officially a rather awesome hairstylist (IMO). Lol.

Ok anyway, back to the topic, I've been noticing girls rocking beautiful orange lips and I thought to myself "I want that!!!"

Completely forgetting that I owned orange lipstick used here coupled with the fact that I'm still on the vampy ombre lips phase and matte lips phase, I present you with orange-ish vampy lips!

For my lips, I:

 1. Lined my lips with black eyeliner and shaded in the inner corners.
2. Applied a light layer of lip balm to prepare for the next step.
3. Patiently applied layer upon layer of orange eyeshadow on my lips till I achieved my desired intensity.
4. Blended the black eyeliner with the orange eyeshadow.

I think I may have used too much orange eyeshadow because I was aiming for orange fruit kinda orange, but ended up with more of a burnt orange.

I guess I was too excited. XD

As for my eyes, it was my regular everyday eye makeup.

I lined my upper and lower eyeline with my Maybelline eyeliner and also applied white highlighter along the inner half of my bottom eyeline using my Revlon brow pencil duo.

Did anyone notice my natural nails? I'm giving them a breather for the week so please say hello to them! XD

So tell me, do you prefer glossy or matte lips??


♡ ♡ 


 p.s. Yes. I was dancing in my last picture. =D


  1. This looks soo good! I would wear my lips out like that one day and get weird stares - I hope not!

  2. I prefer glossy! Just because I dont want people to see my dry lips - especially the lip lines D; I love how prominent your cupids bow is!! *A*

  3. Since when did you cut your hair and not tell me eh? ;) Love the bangs babe.

    Very cool 'vampire' look. Though yes, the orange I think you were going after turned out a little darker than 'fruity'. =).

    Lots of love.


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