March 2, 2012

Chic backgrounds!

*sheepishly* Hi~

Yes. You may ask "She's alive??'

Yes. Yes I am.

February has been crazy hectic for me!! I apologise for being MIA.

Before I show you some chic desktop backgrounds edited by me, lemme update you a lil k?

There's so much to say, but I'll just tell you my very latest headache.

I'm currently in the midst of picking an elective for uni but apparently I've reached by quota of 10 Year1 units so I'm stuck with some businessy elective which is a real bore. 

Oh! I'm taking Psychology as an elective thanks to Melody! I knew she was studying in Monash so I asked her for some tips and she told me Psychology was a pretty easy paper. I was leaning towards Psychology as well cause I've studied it before, so fingers crossed that I can pass with flying colours!

Thanks Melody for your help! I really appreciate it!

Ok, back to the title.

I made some chic backgrounds which I hope you girls will like. I'll talk about them later in the post.

Start scrolling me darling!

Basically I didn't make these backgrounds from scratch. I was actually streaming a 80s movie and the intro had a bunch of really chic pictures which I thought were really nice. Hence, I print screened them, clean them up a lil and gave them this colourful sketchy look!

They're pretty retro looking but I find them really pretty. Tell me if you use any of them as your desktop background! I'd love to hear about it! I'm currently using the first picture of the eyes as my background and I really like it!

Which picture do you like best?


♡ ♡ 


 p.s. If you recognise these pictures, give me a shout out please? I can't remember which movie I got them from!


  1. Ooh very pretty. I love the colour combination, some of my favourite colours!

  2. They're one of my fave colour combinations too! That's why I fell in love with the pictures instantly. =D


  3. These are awesome!
    And I think I like ..the legs one the best! or the eyes at the top mmm.

    But yeah, I've been MIA lately too ;A;

  4. Ooh you did a good job with the backgrounds! I tend to go for more darker bgs though but I still really like the design.

    I took psychology and... didn't like it.. well, I liked it but the amount of work it demanded... yeah, wasn't fitting that in to my schedule. haha

  5. you're really good at editing T>T i want your skills~~ >< haha looks like psychology is an easy paper everywhere hahahaha good luck babes!

  6. @M.May:

    The eyes are really pretty yeah? ^.^ Everyone's been pretty MIA from the blogging world cause of Uni. Sigh...


    Thank you doll! The editing was pretty basic stuff, unlike yours! Your editing's amazing!!


    Haha thanks! But yeah, the editing was really basic. =D I guess Psychology's easy cause it's so interesting! It doesn't feel bland which makes studying so much easier!


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