March 8, 2012

Some club, don't remember.

Hey girlies!

Today I'm gonna do one of the most generic bitch (bitch please~) post ever.

Clubbing pictures.

Yes. I never thought I'd post them, but I can, and I will.

But first, an obligatory picture.

I don't club much. Although I do love to dance, drinking is not my thing.

I never get high on alcohol. I get high naturally, or from an overdoes of sugar or e. Kidding. The e part, not the sugar part.

So if you could bring me into a club for free, I'm in.

My friend was the DJ for the night, so as a curious proud friend, I obviously had to be there!

Standing next to the DJ booth was pretty cool. But it did kill my ears.

And of course, I sooo gotta show my FOTD eh?

The lashes were the plasticky kind, but I'm ok with that.

As you can see, I did a really light cut crease cause to tell the truth, I'm really afraid of OTT makeup.

I always stop when I feel like my eyeshadow resemble's a drag queens', but in reality, Miss Dior herself would have laughed at me.

I will continue to improve on my eyeshadow application. Promise.

Now instead of ending this post with an obligatory drunk photo, I shall end it with a picture that literally gave my brother a fright.

Yes my darlings, makeup is like magic.



♡ ♡ 



  1. Babe, you look gorgeous with and without make up >.> why you gotta have perfect skin forrrrrr?! Also, come Auckland =DD I'll take you out heapsssss <333

  2. I seriously wanna come to Auckland one day! Promise I will!

    Aww I don't have perfect skin! I'm just lucky I don't have major obvious spots! =)


  3. You look so pretty! I actually don't think there's a big difference in your before/after make-up photo tbh!

    1. Wahahahahahahah!! Thank you!! That's a real compliment! =D

  4. You are no where near shocking compared to other before and after pics I've seen - not only do you not look bad, I think you're one of those girls who look naturally pretty :)

    1. Aww thank you so much!! Yeah I know girls with a huge 180 with makeup and without makeup! =D Thanks so much for the compliment!! =D


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