March 17, 2012

Room Sneak Peek


It's been a month since I've moved to my new apartment and I would like to show you a glimpse of my room! I have to admit my room and apartment isn't fully unpacked, with a few boxes left here and there.

Ok, I think I should unpack the box right next to my leg right after this blog post. But I don't wanna!!!


I bought this 'Magazines' sign and the display rack during the Boarders closing down sale. A crazy steal at $0.50 and it fits my sunglasses perfectly!

A super miniature cactus with the pot about 1 inch in diameter. It's so cute and we named it SPot which stands for Small Pot. =P

The phone holder you see in this picture was also from the Boarders closing down sale. It's fits my phone and the bf's phone perfectly, which we love!

The purple and pink dress figure is one of my favourite points in my room. It's a Christmas ornament but no one said it's gotta be Christmas to use it! I love how it glitters in the sun and FYI, I love bling.

Now, we're off to my wardrobe!

I'm so excited!

My absolute absolute absolute favourite part of my room!!

My wardrobe had too much hanging space and not much to hang.

This area was perfect cause my drawer fits perfectly within this tight space. I adorned the table top with my perfumes and a few things I used most often.

It's my little slice of private retail heaven.

I'm not into necklaces lately so I piled them together.

I will find another solution if I start getting obsessed with necklaces again.

A lonely pink Manchester United bag which my bf got for me.

It will sit here alone till I feel sane enough to roam the streets with a mini pink MU backpack.

Till then, it will be forever alone.

I don't have many shoes.

I wish I had more.

 Precariously perched hangers right above my head cause I like to live dangerously.

Oh oh! I'm gonna introduce you to something I think everyone should own.

Yes! Fairy lights!

They never cease to make me smile. They calm me down and make me feel happy. Kinda like light therapy, no?

I hope you enjoyed this look into my room.

Btw, I made that pink damask pillowcase myself with the help of my grandma and mom.

You like?



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  1. Thanks for your comment <: I'm following you from now on~! Those handbags look so cute~~ Ahh Australia must be such a lovely place to live.. ♥

    1. Yeah it is! It's so different from what I'm used to cause I was brought up in Malaysia. I'm glad I decided to hand up handbags or they'll be tossed all over the floor! =P

  2. your room looks sooo cozy and modern at the same time! prettyy

    1. I wish I could paint the walls!! Down side of renting. >.<

  3. Cuuuute roooom!! Eep I'd love to do a post like this but my room is so small and cluttered with junk haha :)

    1. Get rid of da clutter and let's see a room tour! Haha!!

      My Malaysia's room really cluttered. It's cause I keep moving that everything doesn't have a chance to get cluttered. =P

  4. Your room looks amazing! That magazine rack for your sunglasses really was such a steal, ahh I'm so jealous! I wish I were more organized haha

    1. Haha!! I'm usually not organized at all. Trying to turn over a new leaf. Heh.

  5. i love :D do a video room tour! your room looks so big & spacious!! im jealous >.< Ohhh, you have sigma brushes? Please tell me how they are! :D i wanna order some >.< help me~~ :D

    1. Hahaha I don't have a camera good enough to film videos! Would love to, but I'll leave youtubing to the experts for now.

      I have them, but I haven't actually gotten to use them. I don't know why! I guess I'm just too lazy to deep clean them for now. =P

  6. OMG I'm so sorry for not replying the comments! Must have slipped my mind! Sorry!!


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