January 27, 2012

Mayhem Snapshots #3


Useless blogger alert!


Wave back pls?

So sorry for not blogging more but... Blah! Don't wanna bore you. ^.^

So as you know, with the Chinese New Year, it's tradition to wear new clothes. Underwear, socks and all (I think). Hee...

So here's my 2 main outfits I wore on the first and second day of the new years,

But first, say hello to...

Mr. Stitch!!

Isn't he cute?? It's actually my brother's, but I'm using it now.

Le nails.

Hely crap!!

This picture does not do my nails any justice!

It's actually pink glitter as base and turquoise for a gradient effect.

Will update with a proper non-bspotted picture soon!

Second day outfit.

Hope you guys had a great Chinese New Years!


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  1. Love that dress! And Stich is adorable heheh :)

  2. You look gorgeous in that long dress. You should seriously find other items like that, very flattering for your body! I also like the second outfit as well. c;

  3. Hey Sue!! Thank you so much! My brother loves Stitch. ^.^


    Thanks so much for the compliment! Means a whole lot to me! I'm trying to look for more maxi dresses cause I find them super comfy!


  4. Thoese outfits are great and you look good in them!<3
    and OMG I love the Stich phone case!

    and Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog <3


    Lol! Anyway, both of your outfits are awesome! Esp that maxi *_* I wish I fit in to maxi dresses :<

  6. girl, how tall are you? D: you look so model-esque with that maxi(?) dress... i so jelly~~~!!! you look super pretty! love your nails too :D what polishes did u use?


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