January 17, 2012

Mayhem Snapshots #2

Hey guys!!

So so so sorry for being MIA for the past week.

If you follow me on twitter (which I've been MIS as well. I forgot to unlock my phone so I can't use it in Malaysia. Seriously it is madness living without my iPhone. My E71 has buttons. BUTTONS you hear me?!? Ridiculous.)

So anywayyyyyyy... Yes. Bottom line is, I haven't been updating my blog lately cause I'm actually enjoying life being a kid and I have an exam soon. Exams come first yeah...

But just to let ya know I'm still here, here's my second snapshot post!

There's not a lot of pictures cause seriously internet in Malaysia is soooo slow. RAWR!!

OPI at the airport going at 2 for $25!

Victoria's Secret at the departure lounge! I was so excited that I ran in!

Why's VS opening their stores in airports only?!? There's one here in Melbourne airport, one in Sydney airport and one in our KL airport.

Are they targeting impulse buys? Why!!

And yes, I am in a plane.

Madness right?!?!?!?

My parents were kind enough to fork out Premium at Air Asia cause it was cheaper that MAS anyway (you Malaysians know what I'm talking about.)

Seriously, must try Air Asia Premium! I slept for 8 hours straight.

Bf's purchase from Happy Lab for a friend (not me. Insanely priced chocolates do not make sense to me. Unless I'm craving for them. That's a different story.)

On the bright side, I picked out 90% of the stuff in there cause I was so excited!

He got the box with 3 layers, which was so cool! Imagine it filled up with MAC pigments!!

First layer, chocolate lollipops! I loved loved loved the pink lips!

Second layer, chocolate animals!
Last layer, chocolate pencils! Bf was super excited with these cause it comes with a sharpener was well!
Cute? No?

That's about it. I'm off to lunch prepared by my mom. What a luxury!




  1. Omg lol in the thumbnail I thought that was YOUR collection of nail polishes!!!! Haha. BUT YEAH I saw that when I was at the airport last week and I was KICKING myself for not bringing any AUD cos I couldn't buy any!!!!!
    Omg you look so comfy on the plane... ahh I've only ever been in economy.
    I've heard about happylab and I'm quite determined to try it.. there's a store in Doncaster I think, must visit when I'm next there :D
    Hope you're having fun in Malaysia!

  2. OMGG your plane ride!! You look sooo comfortable!

    Hope you had fun in Malaysia! :D

  3. how much is OPI there? We sell them individually for around the same price/a little cheaper.

    and ahahaha YOU LOOK LIKE A COCOON SLEEPING!! It looks so comfy! ><

  4. Gurl!! That amount of nail polishes is crazy!! That's just plain hoarding. =P

    Happy Lab's in Chaddie!! I went nuts there. =P


    Thanks Donna! It was sooooo comfy!! I'm gonna try to book early and get cheap premium flights again!


    Hmmm... OPI's about AU$20 per bottle which I'm not sure how much cheaper it is compared to the states or UK cause I only buy them on discount. =P


  5. LOL departure lounges are evil. such cheap goodies!! HAHAHA i actually thought some of those were MAC eyeshadows >.< such cute chocolates ~~

  6. Haha!! The chocolates DO look like MAC eyeshadows! Yeah they're cute yeah? I wouldn't have the heart to eat them. -.-"



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