January 8, 2012

Mayhem Snapshots #1

Hey yo wassup!!

I decided to start posting random snapshots of my week from my iPhone.

Some of them may be repeats from my twitter or tumblr, but I hope you guys will enjoy it!


I decided to play with my nail polish just for fun. Not very neat, but I really like the glitter part!

My rent application's finally approved! They made me watch this advertisement about internet before signing my lease. Advertisements are everywhere! They take over Facebook, Youtube, blogs, magazines etc and now this!

The view from our new place. We can see the sea!! I'm so excited!

I have so much to pack that it's driving me crazy! I should stop hoarding stuff... but I can't help it!

One of the first things I fell in love with when I came to Melbourne. Pink clouds always makes me feel happy.

The start of the week was crazy hot! We bought watermelon to cool down and my bf challenged me to cut a bear shaped watermelon. Not bad if I could say so. =D

One of the most hearty breakfast we've ever made. Btw, that mushy stuff on the left is caramel glazed banana. Heh.

Sometimes the iPhone can take wonderful pictures. Here's the bf with our $1 hot dog from Ikea. ^.^

Homemade Korean BBQ. We love love love Korean BBQ but it can get pretty expensive sometimes. So we decided to get our yummy fix by hovering around the stove cooking the sliced meat.

Our favourite park. Perfect for dog stalking. I really want a dog but my lifestyle condition makes getting a dog hard. =(

I hope you enjoyed my first snapshot post!

Thanks for reading!!




  1. Cute!! Yum yum kbbq!
    So is your new place in Malvern East or was that your old place? I couldn't recognise anything from your photo of the view haha.

  2. Cute snapshots :D
    Hmm, your new place looks familiar but because I'm really bad with directions and stuff ..I have no idea where it is xD !

  3. Your new view looks GORGEOUS!!! I feel like I'm going to love moving out and decorating everything my way but then thinking about how much work I'd have to do... haha hopefully packing wont be a huge pain for you!

  4. Ooh soo cute, I am in total love with ur blog!!!!! I'm following u now and hope u could check out my blog if u have any time :) keep up the hard work :) xxx

  5. Naw... I just moved out of Malvern East to the city. If only Malvern East has a view like that! ^.^


    Hey Melody!! I just realised the view from my unit's kinda crappy. Will post a nicer one soon! It's near the city! =D


    Packing was a huge pain!! I've done it 5 times already and it doesn't get any easier! I really wanna buy a place on my own and decorate it as I want it! Ah... But $$$ problems. Sighhh...


    Aww thank you so much! You're so sweet!!


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