January 6, 2012

Boxing Day Sales Haul

Hey guys!!

Just a heads up, there'll be loads of belated posts about Christmas and New Years, so keep a look out yeah?

I'm trying to blog as often as I can, but as you can see from my Twitter, I'm currently moving house for the fourth time in 3 years. This time, there's more things to do because I'm preparing for my brother's arrival (soooooo excited!! I always have mucho fun with my brothers.)

Running around for house inspections, hunting for cheap and awesome furniture, studying and keeping this blog up to my expectations can be exhausting! I'm taking this as training for better time management. =D

Thank gawd for my bf here to help me! He's been a HUGE help!

*Thank you Boo...*

Ranting aside, as per the blog post title, I'm gonna blog about my Boxing Day haul!

Nothing interesting, except for a whole bunch of Lush products eh?

I should have titled this Lush Haul instead.

I turned into a Lush fanatic after receiving a gift box for my birthday and I've been hooked ever since! Madness!!

But first! Let me tell you about my Boxing Day experience, can?

Being it out first time experiencing Boxing Day Sales, we woke up at 7.30am (earliest I've woken up in a long time.) and checked Twitter and Foursquare.

Twitter: People tweeted that finding a parking at Chadstone was next to impossible. I started to panic a lil.

Foursquare: 40 people have checked in already. On a normal day, there's about 10 check ins. I panicked big time.

Bf and I arrived at Chadstone at 8am and we were lucky to get a parking within 5mins!!

The sales were ok I guess. Stuff weren't massively discounted and as you can see from the picture, I didn't buy much.

So... Let's check out what I bought!

1. Lush Eau Roma Water toner for dry to normal skin. Perfect for the summer!

2. Lush The Jilted Elf Shower Jelly. Shower Jelly was my first Lush love!

3. Lush Snow Fairy gift set.

4. Lush Fresh Farmacy Cleanser. My skin's really dry this summer and it's driving me nuts!

5. Lush Northern Lights Soap.

6. Forever New iPhone pouch and purse. I always wanted one of these! Perfect for a night out.

7. Nail polish remover. Mehhh...

8. Schick Quattro Trim Style. It's 2 sided! I couldn't resist.

9. Lush Brrrrilliant gift set. One for me and another for my bestie.

10. Lush Rocket to Me gift set. For the brothers cause they were pretty intrigued by bath bombs when I introduced it to them. 

Ohh!! I left a few more out when I took the picture cause they've found a spot in my bathroom already. I'm so annoyed with myself now. Grrr...

11. Dirty shower gel. Bf loves Dirty!

12. Glogg shower gel. For me brothers again!

Hooboy! That was a load of Lush products. At 50% off, I really couldn't resist!

Since I'm in the midst of packing my Lush products for my move, I'll try to get a Lush stash blog post up soon k?

I hope you enjoyed my Boxing Day haul! I'm green with envy over so many of your sale hauls. I soooo gotta save up for next year.


♡ ♡ 



  1. Haha Chaddy!!! I started at 6 and went home at 8 cos I couldn't handle the crowd anymore LOL freaking insane. Nice haul though, I was just given a lush gift set for Christmas and I've been really loving the products so far! Can't wait to try out more :)

  2. People over here get up at five am just to line up at stores. Boxing day is sooo serious here. haha

  3. Wowieeees! So many goodies! :D I've been wanting to jump on the bandwagon and try out Lush products but at the same time, I'm a little afraid >_< I'll probably get addicted to it heheee ... Hope you had a good new years! :D<3<3

  4. wow!! i love the way you split up the items in one image with the white borders. it looks soo cool!
    nice boxing day steals! :)

  5. i can't believe it's your first boxing day experience! i usually go out for the sales on boxing day, but not this year! just didn't really have anything i needed! didn't seem like i missed out...sales seemed at best warm.

  6. 6-8am? That is some serious shopping!! I saw your Lush gift on your blog. I hope it'll get you into the Lush bandwagon cause the more people to rave about Lush, the better!! =P


    I guess the sales aren't as awesome here in Melb. I guess if I really want something, I'd get up at 5am to line up too. Heh.


    Thank you Donna! Try some Lush!! You'll fall in love. It's addictive!!


    Thank you so much for noticing! I wanted to try something different with some blog posts and I really thank you for noticing. It really means a lot to have my effort acknowledged. <3


    Yeah it was my first! Malaysia doesn't have boxing day sales and this is the first time I've spent X'mas in Melbourne!


  7. Haha I have been to Tai Pan!! My bf lives right near there so I've been twice with his family. The food is so good! The last time we were there, we had a booking but STILL had to wait like 10 mins to get a seat, crazy!
    Oh and I live in Malvern East haha right near Chaddy hence why I went at 6 on Boxing Day :P

  8. Yay to another Australian blogger! :) Glad to have stumbled across your blog :D


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