September 14, 2012

Going With The Flow

I have no idea what to name this. XD

The other day I was watching Kpop MVs I decided to whip out my makeup and play with them a lil.

I had no plans whatsoever so I went with the flow.

Boy did I go with the flow.

I started off with happy colours for the eyes inspired by Super Junior H and B1A4 then finished off with a bold red lip and skull necklace inspired by 2NE1. 

When I was done, I was like "Whut? This no make sense." Lol. But I went ahead anyway.

And oh! I kept the headphones on. =D

Turquoise on the top and pink on the bottom! My 2 fave colours at the moment!

I also applied a whole lot of silver glitter all over the eyelids, but unfortunately the camera picked up the glitter weird.

Oh! Also black brows, cause I had a black liner in front me and I was lazy going with the flow.

Are you a planning kinda person, or do you like to plan ahead?


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  1. Love your make up! The colors are cute together!

  2. I love this look! Especially your ombre lips!!! You look very pretty babe :)

  3. omgosh! I love your makeup, the lips and the eye makeup is amazing!! what products did you use?

  4. Love this look! You have really pretty eyes. The bold dark lip is a great contrast ^_^

    Joyce @

  5. Love it. Those are my favourite colours for eyes too ^^

  6. This is awesome I say, love the eye look like mad!! I love the colors and lashes, it's great stuff! I need to start using some lashes I got! :)


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