September 10, 2012

Australis Brush On Lip and Cheek Tint


So other day I was totally craving for Benefit's Benetint but the price tag kinda put me off. With a sigh of defeat, I brushed that craving of mine away.

Literally 2 hours later, I walked past a Priceline bargain bin and right at the bottom, looking all crappy, was the Australis Brush on Lip and Cheek tint.


The tint has this gorgeous sweet rose water scent and it makes me happy every time I smell it! However, it does dry VERY quickly and you gotta work pretty fast to blend it out, preferably within 5 seconds of applying it to the skin.

And err... I kinda accidentally tasted the product (by accident! I swear!) and it was SOOOOO bitter! Nothing like the gorgeous rose water scent. XD

I'm really not used to applying red on my cheeks and I really thought I looked weird with my cheeks all red, but if you're after the cute winter flush look, try a red cheek tint!

However, I do love this tint on my lips! It gives my lips a really cute pink tint and it's found a permanent spot in my school pencil box right now!

Have you picked up any really good bargains lately?


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  1. thats so cheap for a tint! i should check it out :)

  2. Are you wearing the tint in these photos? I thought it would turn up super bright! I love the swatch and actually like it better as a blush on you! It's a great colour.

  3. I want one nowwww, thank you for sharing sweetie! I'm going to check it out for sure now! :D

  4. Wow, it looks so great on the cheeks, so even and such a nice pinch of color! I love tints, did you apply directly on bare skin?


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