September 8, 2012

Best Friend Nails

Hello dolls!

Happy Weekend!

A few months back (more like a zillion years ago), one of my best friend (currently in Tasmania) visited Melbourne and I kinda tied her to a chair and forced her into letting me paint her nails.

The other 2 times when we got to meet, I tied her down to a chair and straightened her beautiful curls. I just have this strange desire to mess with her hair. Well, probably cause she's the only one patient enough to sit through my torture.

2012 marks our 9th year of friendship and she has always encouraged me to improve on my makeup skills. 9 years later, she's still praising me for my makeup skills! It never fails to make me feel special. =D

Come to think of it, she was the very first person I got to practice makeup on!

It was in 2004, and I applied a very simple pastel pink and purple gradient look on her, and I thought it was BEYOND FABULOUS! At that time, I thought it was the most amazing thing I've ever done!

Looking back, I think we've came a long was as friends.

Oh the amount of trouble we got in.

Once, for English lesson, we were required to write an essay about space exploration. We handed in our essay detailing how space explorers would not have to worry about food because they could always pick up chocolate from Mars and Milky Way. We got an A for that essay.

We also skipped English class by crawling out of the back door. Yes. We literally crawled to stay 'undetected' by the teacher.

We were a cheeky bunch.

Ok I'm getting off topic.

Here's what I did on her nails!

I applied nude polish, added some fancy-schmancy white streaks with glitter dots and topped them up with a layer of Chi Chi matte top coat!

I really like how the matte nude nails turned out!

If you've actually read tru everything, thank you for reading! I don't think I've ever shared such a special part of my memory before.

Oh! Also, I urge you to try matte nude nails! They're gorgeous!

It makes me feel like a prissy office manager in them. Probably a CEO.

I better stop typing now.



♡ ♡ 



  1. It looks great! As for nude and matte nails, I've never tried before and I guess I should now haha. Sounds like a wonderful friendship and I am definitely jealous :p I wonder if any of my school friendships will last that long o: !

  2. Awww you guys sound like you have the best sort of friendship out there!! LMAO at the crawling out of class story XD
    You did your best friend's nails so classy! Is it weird I think her nails are a really nice shape xP ?

  3. Haha so cute! <3 I'm jealous of your friendship T___T sounds like you two got up to some very naughty things together XD good on you two for having such nice memories :3


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