July 31, 2012

These Past Weeks I've been...

Well hello there cyber family!!

It has been exactly 20 days since I've posted anything and I seriously feel really guilty about abandoning my blog. 20 days with no love leaves the blog a sad sad.. child?


What am I saying?!?!

Anyway, just an update. I spent the last uni holiday catching up on 4 years of reading and drawing which I missed. I had no idea how big a part reading and drawing could play in my happiness and general wellbeing.

Basically I've become a couch/bed potato whereby the couch (Mmmmm love thy couch) has a blanket and pillows permanently attached to the couch with my name on them. Reading and drawing don't require much movements as well so my body is as soft as jelly now.



So I'm gonna share with you a few colourings I did.

Note: I did not draw the pictures, I just coloured them in cause my drawing isn't as awesome yet. =D

There's something with me and purple + turquoise. I can't get enough of it!!

Does anyone recognise these characters? They're from the manga Dengeki Daisy and it's awesome! Anyone read this before??

I have more art work to share but they're all left half done here and there. I don't know why I don't just concentrate on one only!

Oh wells...

Oh oh!! I'm popping to Hobart tomorrow morning to see a friend. She needs someone to slap some sense into her and I can't do that through the phone. She just called up crying and I was like 'HOLD IT! I'm coming tomorrow!' So yeah... Me is off to Hobart tomorrow.

I should stop talking now. Lalalalalala~

Seriously if you've read everything I've typed, thank you so much! Hopefully I've kept you entertained for the past 3mins or so. =D


♡ ♡ 



  1. I was most definitely entertained these last three minutes! xD

    Dengeki Daisy is awesome. However I've gotten lazy with reading and I think I'm way behind now. D:

    I know that feeling of guilt. . I haven't posted in a couple weeks and feel like I'm doing my blog wrong. It looks so lonely!

    But our real lives are more important than our blogging lives I suppose. haha ♥

  2. lol, i missed you~ Come back baby!! >< Hahaha, i'm gonna go read that manga now!! I'm still just a couch potato too... cept I'm going to try learn Mandarin again, so I feel like i've accomplished something haha, the colouring is amazing!! :O


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