August 7, 2012

Midnight's Shadow

Well hello cyber ohana!

Just wanted to share a look I did a while back.

It was basically inspired by black and silver. When I was in my mid teens, my wardrobe consisted mainly of black and silver tshirts. Gosh how I loved that combination! I have no regrets spending a chunk of my life in nothing but black and silver! =D

The whole look was achieved with silver and black only which I used for my lids and lips.

The lashes I choose was the longest pair I currently own and I used demi lashes for the bottom lashes!

I darkened and thickened my eyebrows dramatically because I didn't want to let it drown in the pool of dark colours and OTT lashes.

The finished look felt really heavy and dramatic, but I think it looks ok in pictures.

Coupled with my favourite black jacket and an evil bored look, I think I would have easily mistaken as a night bandit or something.



♡ ♡ 



  1. love the fierce look! And the silver lips!! did you just directly apply silver eyeshadow on top of a base or did you do something else? :P Looks like something I'd want to try for Halloween hehehe

  2. I love your lips! ^___^ it looks so gothic <33

  3. wow you look so gothic! love the silver lips :)

  4. ooooooh fierceeee! Haha you pull it off well though!!

  5. I love your eyeshadows! You should make a tutorial on how to apply black+silver eyeshadows..i gotta learn from you haha! My eyes always end up looking like panda eyes whenever I use black eyeshadow because i'm terrible at it. :(

  6. I love this look! And I like how you didn't go for pitch black lips but shimmery silver :-) it looks like a makeup look for magazine or runway show!

  7. omg I love this! This is so inspiring I feel like doing something like this! I love themes like this that are a little mysterious. Right up my alley! You did a great job. ;)


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