July 11, 2012

Stila Light Up The World Palette


*waves madly*

Today shall start with a review of the Stila Light Up The World Palette!

Grab some pop corn and let's start!


I purchased this eyeshadow palette a while back because since I don't have a Naked Palette, I shall have one which looks slightly similar. Heh.

I didn't expect to totally fall in love with this palette but to my surprise, this is my current most used eyeshadow palette.

The palette's simple and classy, no?

But it didn't come with a mirror, which is a bummer.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the double ended brush provided was fairly soft and a joy to use (I was initially planning on ignoring them, like I usually do.)

The shader brush on the right's really soft and now I don't bother with my usual brushes because it's good enough for me.

The bushy pencil looking brush on the left is just... weird. Seriously, don't use it. Heh.

Back to le eyeshadows!!

The palette comes in 10 colours consisting of browns, bronze and plums.

As you can see, they go in 'threes' with the first 3 being darkest, middle 3 bring medium and last 3 being lightest. Oh and of course the last white frosty colour - Sugar, which I use for the inner corners of my eyes and brown bone.

During the day, I usually use the lightest colours for the entire eyelid and the medium colour to give my eyes some definition.

And you may have already guessed, I use the darkest colours for more drama for a night out.

The good/bad news (depending on your preference), the eyeshadow isn't super super pigmented as you can see from the swatches on my arm.

A few colours requires a slight stab, violent swishing and swearing for the colours to be picked up on the brush (I may have slightly exaggerated this fact) but some are strangely super pigmented.

Is my palette retarded??

However, I do see it as a good thing because it minimises error when you're in a hurry. It allows major layering without looking over the top, so errors can be easily fixed. =D

I also love the fact that they have plum and pink shades, taking us away from the cliche browns when we need a pop of colour.


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  1. Ooh this is a nice palette, though they all seem to be shimmery? Would be nice if there were a few matte shades to mix it up!

  2. Cute palette! i like the truffle shade :D you're right, not so pigmented shadows is both a pro and a con.... so good for mistakes, but so bad coz u end up using more product sometimes :'( are u planning on getting the naked palette tho?

  3. Hmm i never bought anything from Stila and this didn't impress me haha.
    The colors are so boring..and that's weird some are not pigmented and some are.
    Too much shimmerrrrr!

  4. I absolutely love the shimmery shades in this palette! I love shimmers and I can see using a primer to make some of these a bit more pigmented on the lids!


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