December 8, 2011

Picture Frame Deco

Hey pink girlies!

I bought this super cute picture frame from Typo the other day cause I loved the pink!!

I thought it was a super cute in-your-face neon pink!

That's my bf and I many many years ago. I love this picture even though I think I look rather awkward. Hehe...

But but but but... I thought the picture frame looked rather plain so I decided to give it a bit more flair.

I waved a silver pen over the picture frame and...


A chic pink picture frame is born!

I really love the silver and pink details and it literally took me like 15 minutes.

I love how a little bit of effort can make something different and unique.

I'm planning to add more bling to the picture frame but I refrained because I don't wanna mess up the chic minimalistic look of the picture frame.

So remember guys, a little effort can go a long way!

I'm really in to the whole 'damask' feel of things right now and I hope I can incorporate a more damask feel to my room! I'm actually slowly slowly sewing myself a pink satin and damask pillow case for myself which is taking forever cause I'm an annoying perfectionist (my perfectionism is annoying myself) and hand sewing is not an easy task.

I can't wait to finish it to show you guys the outcome!!


♡ ♡ 



  1. whoaaa the silver really looks amazing on the photo frame! :)
    so pretty

  2. Yeah I think so too! I'm really surprised such a small change could cause a difference. =D


  3. i likey ;DD I want to do that now.. but I don't have picture frames I can draw all over lol

  4. Teehee... I used to hate picture frames. I would warn my friends that I'll kill them if they bought me picture frames because I literally had them everywhere, even my bathroom!

    After moving to Melbourne for studies, I started to miss them, so I bought that pink one. =D

    Ikea has some plain ones which is awesome for scribbling on. ^.^



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