December 13, 2011

Contact Lens Jewellery


A while back I stumbled upon this 'eye jewellery' and I thought it was an internet hoax.

Apparently not.

It's a contact lens with a few diamonds hanging from it.

Created by Eric Klarenbeek, as quoted from his website 'Eric Klarenbeek does special projects, or let's say the unusual, for unusual people, projects or purposes.'

* Swearing starts now. Please excuse me. *

WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS PROBLEM?!!?!?!?!? So having a piece of bling sticking out of your eye like booger is supposed to be attractive?

Imagine a guy on a date with a girl with this eye jewellery crap sticking from her eye and everytime she blinks, the jewellery swishes around.

'Oh, I'm a stylist *blink*...'
'Hahaha that shiny thing is so amusing.'
'... and I mainly work *blink*...'
'Look at it swish.'
'... with celebrities for *blink*...'
'Swish swish swish.'
' carpet events *blink*...'
'Swish swish bahhhhh I'm getting motion sickness.'

Seriously if I get into a fight with someone wearing those lenses, the first order of business is to yank the contact lens out.

Ah the satisfaction...

Maybe in 10 years time, I'll see websites like carrying those lenses complete with hello kitty bling.

A what's with the extra string??

Connect them to your earring for a complete set.

Out of boredom, I gave her a horrible 'Popteen inspired' makeover.

Complete with OTT eyelashes, circle lens and cute ribbon bling.

I doubt she'd appreciate the makeover, but whatever. I had fun.

This should be featured in Popteen when this trend picks up.


So tell me, what do you think of them?


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  1. LOL wow!! This is so stupid. Not safe at all!

  2. pretty sure the thing hanging from the contact lens would be too heavy, so the lens wouldnt even sit in the eye!

    thats so lame LOL

  3. o______o That's SOO weirdddd!! If I saw someone with that i'd be like "Uhh you have something on your face" Hahahaha :P

  4. umm, i'm slightly scared -______-;; Bring on all the hater comments about the damage lenses can do to one's eye. Thank you mr lens bling creator, you've made the lives of many girls that much more unbearable. And.. wouldn't the bling bling make the lens a bit heavy & just pop out...? D: Nice post though... this is the first i've ever heard of this kinda lens >.<

  5. @Eugenia: Yeah! I seriously doubt it's safe. I mean, imagine a gust of wind and the lens goes flying off!

    @Tezza: You've got a point there. I doubt any bling would be light enough to be held up with contact lens.

    @DonnaHsueh: I would definitely say the same thing! It's just too weird for us to accept now.

    @Jen: Everyone's saying how circle lens is dangerous blah blah blahhh, this brings the danger to a whole new level. I would definitely yank the lenses out during a cat fight!

    ♡ M.May

  6. Hi M.May,
    Thanks for stopping bye and leaving positive comments instead of the demanding ones that strangers tends to do lol. I bought the stockings from ASOS. They are on sale atm for $7.50. From memory the brand is gypsy :)

    Oh my, these contact lens looks uncomfortable.

  7. You're welcome Tam! Strangers shouldn't be leaving horrid demanding comments. It's your blog and not theirs. Can't stand those people who goes around leaving negative comments.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definitely check out asos for the stockings. =)


  8. Wow what the hell is this!!!! Looks insane haha seriously most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!

    In response to your comment, thank you! I live 5 mins from caulfield so I can defs relate haha but it's well worth the journey! I'd only go maybe once or twice a year at most though.. Shame!

  9. That exactly the same reaction I gave when I first saw the contacts!

    Taking public transport to the warehouse from Caulfield would take ages!! Uughhhh... But I will deff make a trip there one day.

    Let's go together! ^.^


  10. OMFG WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I HAVE THE SAME REACTION AS YOU! WHO DOES THIS?!!!! In the video you posted the models eye looks a little watery too... it can't be comfortable!!1 WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  11. Haha!! I like that you ended your comment with 'WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY'. I would seriously be asking the creator 'whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' as well.

    It definitely does not look comfortable at all!



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