November 28, 2013

Suet: Christmas Special! – Say Hello to LUSH Rudolph Fresh Face Mask

Suet: Guest post by my skin care junkie BFF.

Hello ladies! Christmas is a month away and of course, it isn't Christmas without a Lush product!

I popped into the store a few days back to trade in five used Lush tubes for a free fresh face mask and decided to try out their new Rudolph face mask!

Mini Brief

I guess there’s not much need for an introduction to LUSH! Basically they just released their Christmas range of products and one of them, RUDOPLH! Extreme weather can cause our face to go mad and turn all red and sensitive (even breakout!) so this is a mask that is aimed to soothe, nourish and calm the skin down!

Key Ingredients:

Fresh Cucumber, Oatmeal and Tofu = Sooth and nourish the skin

Key Points:

1)     True to its name! It comes with a bright red jelly nose! I don’t see much point for it but it does make it look prettier when you open it! I guess you can play with it while you wait  =D I was that bored LOL

2)     It has a handful of ingredients inside to calm the skin down such as green tea powder and organic aloe vera powder. Looking at some of the ingredients (kaolin, witch hazel etc), it looks like a perfect mask especially for those with combination skin!

3)     Designed to return some lost skin vitality and calm skin that has been exposed to extreme weather.

4)     Scent: Strong cucumber and lavender smell! The combo’s pretty refreshing!
Texture: Kind of a mixture of mud and smashed tofu! OK maybe dry coarse meal is more like it. When applying, do it with a sink beneath your face, it’s pretty tricky applying it without getting some on the ground due to its drier texture. My fridge is pretty cold so the top layer may have been a lot drier as a result and difficult to apply but it got better when I used the ones under the top layer (though as you can see below, the mask is still pretty cakey on the face and it’s not one of those masks that can be smoothly applied). BE PREPARED for falling bits!

PS Having a bad eyelid day! Some people have bad hair days; I have days when my eyelids decide to taunt me by being uneven today


I have to say I have never really experimented with LUSH products other than their hair masks, bath bombs and body buffers. I really liked the mask except for its texture that makes it really annoying when you want to distribute an even amount on the face area. After washing it off with warm water, I can still smell the heavenly cucumber+lavender scent (good sleep tonight!) and one instant significant difference that in the softness of the skin!

Would I get this mask again? YES!  Although I’ll probably give other LUSH masks a try before I make this one of my permanent favourites =)

Which LUSH product would you recommend?

cheersuet XD


  1. This is such a cute holiday product from Lush! It sounds like a great product and your skin looks so good! It's too bad that the texture is a bit annoying to work with haha. :P

  2. how cute the mask for even including a jelly in it, so cute ^_^~

  3. Yesss they're super cute! I was hoping the jelly could be usable. Maybe a mini shower jelly!

  4. Suet's my skin go to girl and she takes extremely good care of her skin, which puts my skin care routine to shame.

    Lush always come up with cute products and I keep giving them my money. XD

  5. Aw, your skin is so gorgeous dear. :) Wanna follow each other anyway? Just let me know through your comment if you done. I will follow you back. xx

  6. really should try out lush's masks sometime
    wonder if the jelly nose tastes good haha :)


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