November 19, 2013

2NE1 Do You Love Me - Park Bom Inspired Nails

Hello dear friends!

After a stressful exam/assignment period, I'm finally free!! (well, for now.)

*runs around in circles to celebrate freedom*

This uni semester was the most stressful semester I have ever been through in my many years of uni life. It was so much pure madness that I've completely forgot how to blog. I kid you not.

The night after completing my exam, I stared at my laptop thinking to myself:

'What did I used to do?"

I had no idea what to do!

Needless to say, 'rediscovering' YouTube and blogging was pure fun.

So, to welcome myself back into the virtual world, here are some simple nails inspired by 2NE1's Park Bom's nails from Do You Love Me!
The picture below is Park Bom's nails itself, uploaded by her nail artist herself.

The style was pretty similar to her nails from Falling In Love, which I tried out here.

Instead of laying out the glitter chunks in an orderly fashion, I scoffed and thought of a simpler method.

Below, I used tape to shape the french tips and prepared blue and silver polish + glitter polish.

The pictures below pretty much speaks for themselves!

I used:
Revlon Top Speed #860 Metallic
BYS Silver Glitter Polish (random from a box set)
Elianto in Creamy Blue
Savy by DB in Splash and Dash (LOVE IT!!)

* Step 6 was an optional step. I used a very sheer glittery nail polish over the entire nail to give the nails a fun shine and to bring the whole look together.

They are super easy and I really enjoyed creating them. Best thing is, you can easily do both hands perfectly without worrying about streaking or messing up!

Ohh! Before I sign off, I just read that 2NE1 will be releasing a new song this Thursday (November 21 2013) speculated to be titled "I'm Lonely". About time 2NE1 graced us with their great tunes, considering they promised us a new release every month from July onwards. Meh. I'm super excited for Thursday tho! I have high hopes!

Alright, I'll let you guys go now.

But before that, tell me


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  1. I love this design! And I really want that blue polish. It's so pretty!

  2. this design is really pretty!

    bom's nail art is usually really nice looking too, lol :)

  3. Congrats on surviving your exam/assignment period!! :) Keep fighting, just a bit more to go.

    You are so good with nails!! I wish I can do that.. I don't have the patience for perfection. :X

    Have a good day!

  4. This is gorgeous!

  5. Ahahaha thanks! Exam results will be released soon. I shudder to think about my results because I didn't do too well this sem!

    I was particularly fond of this set of nails because they were so easy and fuss free! The tape did most of the 'perfection' work. XD

  6. Thank you! Bom loves her nail art and I read somewhere that she's taking nail art lessons too! (Don't quote me on that tho!)

  7. Thank you dear! The nail polish is superrrrr old but it's still fine after 5+ years! XD Shhhhh don't judge me. Lol.

  8. Thanks babe! Bom's nails are alwaysss so pretty! Minzy has some great nails too! What did you think of Missing You? I really liked it. =D

  9. Never really notice their nails much since I'm glued to their makeup most of the time or their clothes. You did a pretty awesome job at recreating it! :)

    I'm inviting you to join the Christmas giveaway I'm hosting with other bloggers

  10. I love the design! Will try this at home! <3


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