November 11, 2014

Salon Melbourne - Beauty Expo Vlog + FOTD

Hello fab cats!

It's been a while since I've uploaded a new video, but on the bright side, I'm done with my masters! I handed in my thesis end of October and I've been enjoying my free time learning and catching up on some good books.

This short vlog's a bit about my experience attending Salon Melbourne and I got my very first media pass! I'm so annoyed that I lost my very first pass, but meh, more to come! Salon Melbourne's a professional beauty trade show and the best part of the event is, discounted beauty products! I set myself a budget and tried very hard to stick to it. XD My haul video will be uploaded very soon.

I have to point out that this video's way overdue, almost 8 months (it was held in March)! But I figured I'll just upload it for your viewing pleasure.

Here's my FOTD with simple eye makeup and pink-purple ombre lips! The pink base's from Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips in 04 Neon Pink and I used a purple eyeliner to achieve some definition.

Seriously the pigmentation and staying power of these Kiss Proof Lips is so magical, I'd say it's witchcraft. I've received so many compliments for this ombre lip and also on days when I'm just wearing the neon pink itself! 

Coincidently, my nails were also an ombre pink and purple as well! It wasn't fully intentional, but you know sometimes when I'm inspired by a set of colours, I tend to go a bit mad.

Andddd... That's about it!

I'll be uploading my quick haul video soon.

Peace out!


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