September 10, 2013

Suet: Foam Party!

Foam Party!

Heads up!!!

Back again and will be sharing how we can get the most out of our cleansing products!

Basically it's how to create more foam from your foaming cleansers.

Previously with the review on Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam, I included a picture of the amount of lather that can be made just by using my hands (One pump of cleansing liquid)

Here it is again

As you can see there isn’t much lather/foam but let me emphasize it is possible to get more of them if you have all the time in the world and keep going at it. This is why I think the product’s directions suggest the use of two/three pumps, so that you can get more lather even if you rush through the cleansing process. BUT being the lazy person that I am, I normally improvise and use.



You might be thinking like OMG why bother.

I used my hands to create foam all this while but after using a brush, I realized that

1)    I don’t need that much of the product to make foam with a brush and less time is needed also
2)    The foam created is smoother and fluffier!


You might be wondering


1)    If I’m using less of the product does that mean it’s not as effective and won’t cleanse as well?
Thoughts: It’s not a ‘one drop VS one pump of the product battle’! It’s more about ‘what you need VS what you are wasting’! If you can create sufficient lather to cleanse with one pump, why pump twice or more to make the same amount of lather that you can with one? This way you can make your products last long by making the most of what you have!

2)    Does smoother and fluffier foam make it better or something?
Thoughts: Well I personally like the foam to be fluffy and smooth. It makes it easier to move the foam around the face when it’s like super fluffy and smooth. Also when you’re working through your face with more foam, you can avoid dehydrating your skin and stimulating your skin! Each time I make super loads of foam I just look at it and go – pretends to be Agnes from Despicable Me.

3)    Do we need that much of foam?!
You can make a mountain of it but I’ll go for sufficient XD

Though it might be super fun to make a mountain of foam!



  1. Who would have thought of using foundation brush to make foam. What a genius idea!

  2. I love the idea the moment I saw it! =)

  3. I do this too :D One brush I really like using is ELF's Studio Powder Brush. IT MAKES SO MENEEEHHHH BUBBLEZZZZZZ XD

  4. YEA!!! Fellow bubble maker!!! XD I'm using the Louise Young Foundation Brush =D


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