May 15, 2011

Instagram start.

Well... I had big plans for my blog for ages but I never found the time to properly set up my blog to the standard I'm satisfied with. 

Although I don't spend much time on my blog, I do spend time on instagram. I guess it's cause a picture a day is much easier than a blog post.

Since exams are in less than a month, instead of constantly drafting unsuccessful blog posts, I decided to blog about my random instagram photos. It's like a mini start to my blog. Hehe...

So here's my first picture. ^.^

WOAH!! That's a pretty clear picture.


Kudos to the iPhone!!

Well... I was feeling a dash of SAD today which 'inspired' the blue lips.

also know as Winter Blues or Summer Blues.

Dude!! How can you get summer blues!!

But yeah... Winter's starting and it's getting on my nerves.

Do you like my blue lipstick? Everyone should have blue lipstick. It's like my makeup staple item.

If you don't own a blue lipstick, here's how to achieve my exact 'makeup' in the picture.

1. Vaseline
2. MAC shadestick in Sea Me
3. MAC pigment in Steel Blue
4. Glitter eyeliner

Use a creamy colour (shadestick) as a base to allow the colour to pop.

Use the vaseline to 'stick' the powder base eyeshadow (pigment) to your lips. Slowly build up till you achieve the perfect consistency.

Lastly, line your lips with the glitter eyeliner.

You're done!!

Word of advice, the glitter eyeliner will harden and start to chip and wrinkle up. So if you're planning to wear the look out for a costume party, I'd suggest skipping the glitter eyeliner.

Oh! Remember... Don't lick your lips.

Imagine the horror!!

Have fun!!


♡ ♡ 



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