December 20, 2012

Day 7: Strawberry Santas in 7 Steps

Welcome to Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas Fun!

We're nearing Christmas now and I hope you've managed to complete your Christmas shopping as well as some good bargains!

A few weeks ago, Catherine tagged me with a picture of a strawberry santa on Facebook and I had to give it a go!

This one's dedicated to you, Catherine!

However, I must point out that the whipped cream from this batch of strawberry santas started to melt from the Melbourne heat and boy did it create a huge mess! Any suggestion on a whipped cream replacement that doesn't melt from the heat? Turning up to a party with melted santas would not be pretty.

Enough of the jibber jabber, on to the yummy stuff!

Here's how to create cute and easy Strawberry Santas with chocolate tummy in 7 steps!

You'll need:
Large strawberries
Whipped cream
Chocolate (optional)
Chopping board

Step 1:

Finely chop up the chocolate for the chocolate tummy!

You could replace the chocolate with any ingredients to your liking, eg. condensed milk, cream, vodka (Lol!!)

Step 2:

Cut the base of the strawberry.

Step 3:

Cut the hats!

* try to pick strawberries with nice tips rather than weird mutated ones. XD

Step 4:

Core the strawberries.

Be careful when using the knife! Slow and steady!

Step 5:

Stuff the strawberries with chocolate.


Step 6:

Have fun with the whipped cream!

Prepare the face and dot on Santa's hat and buttons!

Step 7:

Dot on the eyes with chocolate.

These Strawberry Santas are easy to make, yummy and a crowd pleaser with the sheer cuteness!

However, if you're trying this for Christmas, please find a replacement for the whipped cream or you'll end up with unsightly melting santas (like the background ones, lol!). Not a pretty sight, I tell you.

If you're making this, I'd love to see it! Tweet me a picture, it would make my day!


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  1. Those are so cute!! I will be sure to try these. Awsome post:)

  2. aww they are so cute! this seems like a wonderful christmas activity to do xD

  3. omg these are the cutest santas ever! yummy too :)

  4. OMG SO CUTE!!! :D I wanna eat strawberries with whipped cream now.. O___O

  5. Omg this is shooo cute!!!!! I'm going to suggest making these with my sister!!! :D

  6. Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Too cute to eat!

  7. ahahah! i saw this on fb too! so cute!

  8. Yeah they're sooo cute! I think it would be a great activity for friends to do together and it would be a great dessert for any pot luck celebration!

  9. Yes!! They're so yummy!! Especially with the chocolate core! =D

  10. This is too cuuuuuute~!!
    Not a big fan of strawberries but you've made me really want to nom on some now xD

  11. Lol!! I ate sooooo much strawberries + whipped cream while preparing this blog post!! To the extent that I didn't wanna see any strawberry or whipped cream for almost a week! XD

  12. I'd love to see your strawberry santa if you do make them! If you google for strawberry santa pictures, the really well done ones are sooo cute!!

  13. Lol! Best part was the chocolate filling! I hope I can make them again next year without it melting. XD

  14. Yes!! Too cute for words and so easy to make!!

  15. Nyahahaha! The chocolate filling really helped cover the sourness of the strawberries, and with the whipped cream... Absolutely lovely!


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