June 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Red Lipstick

Hey dolls!

I have been wanting a matte vampy red lipstick for the longest time ever and I finally bought one!

When I first saw this red Hello Kitty lipstick, I just knew I had to buy it!

It was compact in size, a beautiful red and had Hello Kitty embossed on the cap! 

The beautiful packaging gave me high hopes for this lipstick, but alas...

*falls dramatically to the floor*

...the lipstick left me very very disappointed.

✽ Overall 

Overview: ♥    ♡
Very very cute packaging, but lipstick formula is sheer and doesn't glide on smoothly at all which requires a very generous amount of swiping to achieve the pigment level above.
Extremely disappointed with this lipstick.

Colour:    ♡ ♡
A gorgeous vampy red when swatched and I love that it doesn't contain any micro shimmers!

Application:    ♡ ♡
The lipstick was sheer and streaky which made it very hard to work with. I had to swipe the lipstick on my lips a huge number of times to get the colour intensity I wanted and had to use a lip brush to even out the colour.
 Also, the colour appears orange-ish in my lips, as seen above.

The packaging's teeny tiny (about 5.5cm) and I love it! The bullet fits snugly in the case and cause of it's compact size, it's pretty obvious that it doesn't have a ridiculous amount of 'wasted space' like many other lipsticks in the market.

And let's not forget the cute Hello Kitty bling on the cap! 

❝ Pros 
Cute compact packaging!

❝ Con
Sheer lipstick formula, streaky application. Sigh.

Would definitely not purchase again!


♡ ♡ 



  1. I think I got the same one as you! hahah Need to go try it out now :O Girl, your hair is SO LONG <333

  2. Omg at first I had good expectations then I saw what it looked like and was like :O...That really sucks..It looks so nice in the tube and stuff. I hate lipsticks that are streaky and weird looking when applied to the lips.

  3. cute lipstick! i love the colour :D


  4. i'm happy i didn't buy this, it was too small anyways and i can't imagine what the powders would be like D; the swatches actually look fine but what happened on the lips??? :/


  5. The packaging is SO cute!! But it's a shame that the pigmentation and formula isn't as good as it looks I thought Hello Kitty would actually have better quality control in their makeup...like even if it's not good at least it'll be average :O But I guess not. I think you look amazing in red lips still though :D Maybe try a lip liner underneath so it wouldn't be as blotchy?


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