May 8, 2012

Birthday Glitter Nails

Hey girls!

Today I wanna share my nails I did for my birthday week.

It's one of these days. Guess guess!!

Anyway, I was pretty pressed for time so I did something simple and cute.

Pink + Blue + Glitter?

Girly perfection. Mmmmm...

I used (L-R):
Princesses Rule! - Teenage Dream - Gone Gonzo!

Well, it seems like today's nail polish picks has a lot of exclamation marks eh?

When I produce my own nail polish line, all my polishes will have exclamation marks in them!

Ok enough the jibber jabber, let's start glittering up!

Step 1:
I painted my nails with 4 layers of pink OPI polish in Princesses Rule! The polish was pretty translucent but nevertheless, very very pretty! It's one of my favourite nail polishes!

Step 2:
I applied a a pink glittery polish, OPI in Teenage Dream, half way down my nails making sure I 'blend' out the harsh lines as much as I could. It really helped that both polishes were rather similar in colour!

Step 3:
I finished up with a blue glittery polish in OPI's Gone Gonzo! on 1/4th of my nails and of course, a good layer of top coat!

And viola! We are done!

A quick 10 minutes and I have pretty nails!

It's pretty handy to keep glitter nail polishes around if your want something quick, simple with a wow factor!

Here's a close up of both glitter nail polishes.

OPI Teenage Dream
It's so bling! I love it! A light pink base with pink glitter and mini chunky glitter! A must for every princess out there!

OPI Gone Gonzo!
The polish has a transparent base with blue glitter and chunky silver hexagons.

Well I hope you enjoyed my birthday nails!

Cheers my dears!!

♡ ♡ 



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was super easy to do but a pain to remove! =P

  2. Not sure which day your birthday is on exactly. But Happy Birthday nonetheless!!! hehe I hope you have a good one and that your wishes come true~ :) Your nails are so pretty - I love the gradient of glitter polishes!

    1. Aww thank you! Yes I did have a really fun birthday this year! =D

  3. Love it! The glitter is so pretty!

    1. Hehehe thank you! But removing glitter's madness! =P

  4. Gorgeous!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Glitter is perfect to celebrate a special day =)

    1. Thank you Sue!! Yeah glitter's prefect for any special day! =D

  5. I actually really just like the pink polish and glitter together but then I saw the blue and I think it's a great little pop of colour!

    1. Yeah the pink on pink's gorgeous together! I just love glitter so much that I wanted to add another layer of blue for fun. =D


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