April 23, 2012

Four words.


Happy Monday!!

So how are the Monday Blues coming along?

I'm gonna have a crazy 2 weeks ahead of me with uni work, so I'm bracing myself for it.

Anyway, let's play a quick game to ease up out Monday Blues k?

Haha why yes Mr Willy Wonka! I do love sweets!! =P

When I'm passionate about something, I'll take it seriously. You can seriously tell when I'm passionate about something and when I'm not.

Hmm... I'm not at total peace with myself yet (when I achieve my goals, I will.) but I used to be really really bad tempered when I was younger. Not anymore tho. Somehow when I learnt to be proud of who I am, I became much more peaceful. That's the truth k! Not those generic sob stories people make up. I even remember the EXACT moment I felt totally proud of who I was.

I guess I'm pretty much a very loyal friend. When I finally accept someone as a good friend, I will sincerely treat them with all the respect and love they deserve. If someone's fake to me and leeches off my happiness, that person is as good as dead. PERIOD.

Well, how odd. What initially started off as a fun game with everyone turned out into a mini heart to heart!

I hope this post has helped you get to know me better, as a blogger and a friend.

So what four words did you get? You don't have to tell me if you don't wanna, but it'll be fun for everyone to share their answers!

Cheers dolls!

♡ ♡ 



  1. I got elegant, sentimental, dramatic and helpful. I'd say this is pretty accurate, not sure about elegance though, I can be pretty clumsy haha! But definitely sentimental!!

    1. Wow I didn't even see those words in there! Ohh dramatic sounds fun! I used to act really dramatic in high school and my friends knew to always bring whatever I say down a notch. =P

  2. Lazy, Happy, Patient, Elegant- I can agree with all of them XD

    1. Hahahaha! It's nice to be happy!! I'm so lazy as well... I've got so much to do this week but I'm so lazy to get them done!! XD

  3. I got lethargic, passionate, thoughtful and restless.

    Hmmm, not bad in terms of accuracy, though passionate kind of contradicts lethargic and restless :p But I’m with you, when I actually am passionate about something (though it may not be many things), you can definitely tell :)

    1. Wow I didn't even see the word lethargic in there!

      Yeah there isn't many things I'm passionate about, but I really care about those things that I am. It's not easy to drag out butts to do something we don't really care about. I wish I was more passionate in more things tho! Especially studies! =P

  4. Lovely, Elegant, Passionate, Lethargic
    .... THIS IS QUITE ACCURATE?? I think ..well I don't know if I'm lovely and elegant ..but I sure do know I can be lethargic and sort of passionate at times hohoo :3

    1. Hahahaha!! YES you are lovely my dear! No doubt about that!!

  5. Sentimental, elegant, happy and genuine! ^____^ ~ Y NO LAZY haha. I'm like the laziest person in the world. Thanks for sharing this~!

    1. Hahahaha there are probably lazier people than you!

      You blog pretty regularly and you even sew your own clothes! How is that lazy!! Haha!!

      You're welcome my dear. =)

  6. I found passionate, polite, understanding and happy! Haha that is such an adorable idea :) i had fun <3

    Love, ana

    1. I'm glad you did! I did have fun doing this post as well! It's a nice break to take playing this 'quiz'. It really makes us think about ourselves.


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