March 28, 2012

Butter London and Chi Chi Matte Top Coat

Hey darlings!

A while back I tweeted about where can I get a matte top coat and Sue suggested I check out Essie.

But alas! Being a cheapo, I couldn't justify paying almost $20 for the Essie matte top coat which I'm not sure I would like. You know, it being matte and kinda different from what I'm used to. 

Being rather hesitant to fork out the cash, I continued to walk around Myer hoping to find another matte top coat for a lower price.

Lucky lucky me! I found this Chi Chi Matte Top Coat which was a great alternative to the Essie matte top coat!

I decided to test the matte top coat with my Butter London cause they're best friends in my nail polish basket. They're the only 2 rectangle nail polish I own and they sit wonderfully together!

First up! The Chi Chi Matte Top Coat.

I was sooooooo excited to try it on! It has a slightly fuzzy transparent white-ish colour and dries pretty quickly.

Here's the Butter London in Trout Pout (free from a past Bazaar issue). It's a pretty salmon pink which I thought made my nails look happy!

And here is it with the matte top coat!

The matte top coat dried up fairly fast and covered up the usual nail polish shine. Also, the top coat dries rather unforgivingly to reveal all flaws.

However, I did like how my nails still retained a pretty shine to it which was just enough for my nails have a healthy 'glow'.

Which do you prefer? The matte or the shiny one? I personally like both equally. ^.^

While drying my nails, I accidentally hit my wet nail polish on my table's edge and got messed up a lil which annoyed me so much!

Instead of starting over, I applied glitter over it to hide the smudge!

For days and days I kept staring at my nails cause the glitter was sooo fun! I think I may do my nails with more glitter next time.

Hooray for glitter nails!!


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  1. Oooh it looks pretty good :) I got the Essie one for $13 from Beauty Bay with free shipping so it wasn't too expensive although I would have been willing to pay $20 too! I just notice with the Essie one that it chips really easily :( How is the Chi Chi one in terms of chipping?
    I am still loving the matte effect and I have had matte nails ever since I got my polish!!! So it's been a good month or two now and I'm still not bored hehe :)
    The glitter looks really good, it's definitely so much fun!

    1. I got the Chi Chi for about $13 as well! I was afraid I would totally hate the matte look, so I didn't wanna risk it. =P

      Hmm... I did notice that they chipped pretty easily too, but not too bad.

      And yes!! I loveeeeeeee the matte effect!!

  2. hey (:
    Thanks for your comment!
    You have to try the colored waterline! <3 I love it because it adds a little bit pop of color to every simple eye make-up! ;D

    OH! I always wanted to have a butter london nail we have the brand and it's so expensive... I don't know :/ But there are colors that I LOVE... so I have to consider, haha :D

    1. You're welcome darling!

      I haven't seen Butter London in Australia stores, but I'm hoping it will be available soon!

  3. I really want a matte top coat! I have not seen them anywhere near me though xD
    Ahh i hate when I mess up my nails when they are wet D:<

    1. It's soooo annoying to when our nails get messed up when we thought we have finally achieved the 'perfect nail'.

      Rimmel has a matte top coat as well! Try searching for them!

  4. I really like the matte version , with the glitter it's s cute :D

    1. OMG VIOLET!! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

      I'm star struck!

      Love you Violet!!

  5. ooh just read above that the Chi chi costs $13! might have to go hit up Myer and check it out xD I've always wanted to try matte polishes as well but you have to have pretty neat application and be careful not to chip them too much...which isn't easy for me! Oh well the matte effect looks gorgeous on your nails, especially with that beautiful nail polish colour! :)

    1. I roughly remember paying $13, so hopefully I remembered correctly!

      Rimmel carries matte nail polishes as well! So hopefully they're easier to hunt down.


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