December 19, 2011

White Christmas

♫ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 

* Imagine me singing with Mariah Carey's voice. Thank you. *

To tell you the truth, I never had a Christmas tree that can remember. I vaguely remember a small Christmas tree in my house back when I was in kindergarden, and that's it.

I always always asked my mom for a Christmas tree but we never got to buying one cause the ornaments were so expensive in Malaysia.

This year's the first year I'm spending Christmas in Australia and I finally bought a Christmas tree!

I mean, who could pass up a cute little tree for just $10!

Unfortunately, I don't have the Christmas tree up yet *ahemloserahem* but I really wanna share pictures of white Christmas trees I googled for which I'm currently loving!

Not white, but SO cute! ^.^

Pretty white Christmas trees aside, I'm sure you guys have gone through the 'attack of the glitter ornaments'.

I myself am a fan of glitter, but having all ten fingers covered in glitter unintentionally, is not fun.

I bought these really pretty ornaments a while back and their 'sheddings' were driving me nuts.

So to fix le shedding, I used hair spray and sprayed the **** outta them!

It didn't affect the reflection of the glitters, but it did help stop the glitter from shedding!

Ah I love the pretty black glitter!

I hope this simple idea will help you with your glitter problems!

So tell me about your Christmas tree!


♡ ♡ 



  1. Haha good idea!!
    We haven't put up a tree in years... Sorta just grew out of after the early teenage years I guess haha.

  2. I guess if I had an X'mas tree during my early teens, I would definitely have grown out of it by now. Hehe...

    Oh but how I'd love a white christmas tree filled with girly goodies like cosmetics and jewellery! That'd be nice!


  3. omg, they're just toooo cute <3 i love the pink one and the one wirh green curtain :) i love Christmas decoration, i wish i can have giant xmas tree this year, hehehe :)

  4. Oooh, did you buy a white tree? We've always had a green tree since long as I can remember!

    But I definitely want to get a white tree when I'm older one day! The ornaments colour pop SO much more against the white tree xP

    But eee, can't wait to see yours :D

  5. Did you buy a white tree for Christmas then? I really like the turquoise and red ones. Show us pictures of yours once it's all set up!! ^____^

  6. Yeah I love the pink one too! It's so cute! Did you manage to get a giant tree? That would be so cool!

    @dunia kecil indi

    I didn't buy a white tree but I wish I did! I totally agree that it will pop like crazy! I really wanna try to try silver ornaments on a white tree with hints to pink ribbon. That'll be cute yeah!


    Aww I didn't get a white one but I wish I did! Turquoise is one of my fave colours! My bedroom wall's turquoise!



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