December 3, 2011

Party People - Asos Magazine

Hey guys. There's so many things I wanna blog about but here I am, bedridden. It's that time of the month again. Hooboy... Here we go.

Seriously, if we females have to go tru this sacred monthly shedding ritual, guys should be kicked in the balls once a month too. Simple solution.

Boo argued that when guys get kicked in the balls, they may have to be hospitalized. Girls can still go on with their daily life even though they's on their period so it's unfair bla bla blahhhh...

Ah! But you see, 5 days of pain for us, 5 times the pain for them. Mehhh... Fair.

apart from all these ranting, I did something rather spontaneous the other day. It was pouring rain that day but I was literally dying to go out so I put on rain gear, grabbed the iPad and took a 20 min train ride to the city for Starbux. Yes, I thought I was mad to brave the pouring rain just for Starbux, but I was desperate.

I sat at Starbux for 5 hours reading blogs, replying mails and just enjoying being alone.

I did get bored in the later hours and flipped tru the Asos magazine on the iPad. There were some pretty interesting stuff to see so I decided to share them with you. Enjoy!! ^.^

Gucci fake eyelashes. Classy or trashy?

Basic LBD with a twist. I'm sure you've seen dresses similar to this in shops and clubs. Do you think the zipper stripe trend is a too common trend to be rocking?

Simple bold dresses which I like. As you can tell, I like dresses which are simple with a twist. I'm not too good with different fabrics yet.

Glitter shoes anyone?

Handcuff bracelets? Would anyone be rocking this trend? It's just so weird but oh so cool!

Last, but not least, coloured hair. I've seen many bloggers with coloured hair and I really would like to be part of this trend.

Thinking back, I used to have a patch of pink back when I was 18.

I loved my pink hair!!

Back in college, I was feeling so self conscious with myself. I hated how people always liked to scrutinise my outfits every time I stepped into college. I hated how people always wanted me to fit into the mould they were in - Guess bags, thick liquid eyeliner and a complete outfit from Topshop.


So I did what I always wanted and dyed my hair pink!



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