December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hey guys!

The clock has just struck midnight and I'm here to wish you a

❄ Merry Christmas ❄

I hope you're having a great time with family and friends!

I wish I could reach out and hug everyone of you, but for not, please accept this cyber hug.


I did get a few comments to see my christmas tree, so here it is!

There's not many Christmas ornaments bought just to decorate this tree. Most of them are already what I had lying around and I thought would look cute on the tree. You'll get a close up later!

To tell the truth, these are the only two ornaments I bought specifically for the tree!

In this picture, you'll spot
A bear named Tomato who's usually guarding my keys, but he decided to change roles for the Christmas.
A tiara gifted to me for my 19th birthday.
A disco ball bf and I won from the arcade.
I fake LV ribbon I picked up from a club which I think is super cute!
A bookmark made by my brother for my 21st birthday.
Paper roses I folded for my bf's 20th birthday.

Wow! That is a whole lotta birthday memories!

I hope you enjoyed my tree as much as I do. I know, it's pink overload but I just couldn't resist!

Next year, I hope I can get a white Christmas tree with a whole lotta pink, purple and blue ornaments!

How was your Christmas?


♡ ♡ 



  1. Hey Girl! This tree is adorable!!!! I love all the pink! You can never have enough pink in fact me entire tree is pink! It looks similar to the one you in a photo in a post back or two!

    I think that's sweet of you to have made donations in honor of your family! My bf and I have wanted to do it but never got a chance too, hopefully they're still available in the next upcoming week or so!

    Hahaha go get yourself some tea girl! You know you wannnnnt it!

  2. Aww thank you Suki! I didn't intend it to be pink but I just kept grabbing and grabbing pink stuff. I guess the pink in me was coming out!

    Did you manage to make the donations? My friend was so glad to receive her gift cause she just came back from Africa doing some humanitarian work. Ah I'm so proud of her!

    Anyway, Happy New Year Suki!


    @suki pooki

  3. haha, nothing is wrong with pink overload, I love it!! ;D lol

    But of course I LOVE pink, so my reasoning may be a little bias. haha

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas hun;]


  4. Gorgeous tree of memories! Thts more precious than any store bought ornaments!

  5. We tend to get a lil bit biased towards pink yeah? Can't blame us!

    @Dana Yoshimizu

    That's why I love my X'mas tree! It's do different from the usual store bought ornaments!



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