November 11, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish by Nails Inc

I don't remember how I came to know about this but I think you guys would find this pretty interesting.

Magnetic Nail Polishes.

Yeap, you read me right.

Now that the crackle nail polish trend is slowing down, I'm predicting that this will by the new hype for 2012.

Do you think so?

These nail polishes I'd like to talk about are from nails inc and they come in a limited range of colours. So far, I have managed to hunt down 4 colours.

nails inc isn't very helpful.

There's also a golden colour called Big Ben which I couldn't find a picture of.

So how does these marvellous magnetic nail polishes work, you ask?

How super duper cool is that?

I'm all for patterned nails with little to no effort.

It makes your nails look interesting and less boring, which I love.

The best part is, it's available on Asos at below AU$20 which is ok, considering OPI is retailing at $20 as well.

Asos has free shipping as well, so shop shop shop!!

Do update me about the nail polish if you decide to get it, yeah? I'd love to hear about your experience with magnetic nail polishes.


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 p.s. Pictures taken from nail inc and Sephora.

Update!! (30.11.2011)

Australia shops have finally brought in magnetic nail polishes!

I have spotted the Layla Magneffect Nail Polishes at Hair Warehouse in Chadstone retailing at $19.90 (which I think is pretty steep.)

Do check out for more pictures and details!


  1. I saw this at Sephora and I was soooo intrigued by it! I really really wanna try it out but it's kind of pricey so I'm still iffy about it ... Please do a review if you decide to get this! :P
    Btw, love your blog and now following! :)


    I really really appreciate it. ^.^

    I thought the price was ok considering OPI's AU$20 here. I'm really tempted to buy it. I may get it as an after-exam present for myself. =P

    Did you see other magnetic nail polish colours at Sephora?


  3. I'm also a great fan of nails with little effort, but I have to say... only for a good, cheap price. I haven't seen that around yet.

  4. I did find a crackle nail polish from BYS for $3 but it seriously did not crack at all. Not sure what I did wrong. I guess the best way for us to get fancy nails without effort would be stickers. =P



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