January 1, 2014

New Years Nails need Glitter!

Hello my beloveds!!

Happy 2014!

Now that it's 2014, I would like to officially declare WE SURVIVED 2013!

Yes. Yes we did.

New Years celebration was pretty mellow for me, but it was good meeting a bunch of people, new and old.

How was yours?

New years is all about glitter and gold to me. The champagne, the fireworks, the glitz and glam all scream gold to me. I don't own a gold dress (that would be awesome tho), but what better way to add some sparkle into the new years with gold glitter nails!

If you remembered my Christmas Nails, I was far too lazy to repaint my nails. It didn't make logical sense to me to repaint my nails after only 3 days anyway. The lazy practical side of me just slapped on some gold glitter polish from the Maybelline Color Show Sequins in Gold's Night Out in 5 mins and voila!

Fab New Years Nails!

Maybelline Color Show Sequins - Gold's Night Out

This polish has steadily become a favourite of mine because the whole bottle's pack full of glitter and sparkles beautifully! I may need to buy a back up. *shifty eyes*

Before I go, I HAVE to take this chance to wish a gorgeous New Years baby a very happy birthday!

Jen was one of the first bloggers I've met when I first entered the blogging world. I can't for the life of me remeber how we met, but we just clicked on twitter. We seem to tweet similar stuff at the same time, we're like twitter twins. Everyone needs a twitter twin, right?

Jen's a gorgeous girl and very real. She doesn't fake it, and I like it. XD

Check her out on her blog and send her some birthday love on twitter!

Happy Birthday babe! Happy 2014 to all!


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  1. omg, you are so precious. I love you :') Thank you for the blog speech!! <3 Happy New Year to yooooou!!

    I envy your nails so much. I can't grow them out very long any more, they just keep breaking T-T secrets and tips plz! I shall vicariously live through your pretty nail posts - working is hospitality sucks :(

  2. Happy New Year babes! Your nails are gorgeous as usual... I think I will need to get myself a bottle of that as well. Looks great O_O! Good luck on your goals this year, and I wish you the best. :) To more blog posts!!

  3. Happy New Year!
    And this is such a smart idea *_* and omg your nails are so long and pretty! x

  4. That's one hot nail look! Too bad Maybelline don't last that long on me.



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